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Deluxe Pine Nuggets

A unique and chunky, visually striking pure pine play area bark. Highly decorative and very long lasting.

Our 30-60mm Deluxe Pine Nuggets are the finest quality British sourced pine bark available on today’s market.

The reduced dust and white wood enhance the products appearance and also maximises the lifespan of this decorative bark.

Due to the fines being removed during the manufacturing process, and only the chunkiest of nuggets selected this bark product has an approximately 50% extended lifespan improvement over the Pine Nuggets, and 100% lifespan improvement over spruce based barks.

Used on borders, unlike most mulches pine retains its attractive reddish brown colours for many years whilst still offering the very best performance.

This pine bark is most suitable for prestigious areas where a long lasting high visual impact is required.

The reduced white wood content and lack of fines, allow this product better drainage, longevity and increase its visual appearance over the standard Pine Play barks.


  • Attractive and Decorative Bark
  • Great Mulch / Weed suppressant
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Protects plant and vegetable roots
  • FSC Certified Material
  • BS EN 4790:1987 Fire Tested
  • Doesn’t stain clothes
  • Frost resistant
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Reddish brown colour
  • Composition:
  • Pine Bark
  • Less than 1% White Wood
  • Minimal Dust and Fines
  • 50% Lifespan improvement over traditional pine nuggets.
  • 100% Lifespan improvement over spruce based barks.
BS EN 1177 Compliance Yes
BS EN 4790 Compliance Yes
FSC Regulated Yes
pH Level 4.5 - 5.5
Bagged Yes
Loose Yes
Technical Information
British Sourced Yes
Bulk Density 210 - 270 kg/m3
Durability 4-6 Years
Dust & Fines Minimal
Main Constituent Pine
Particle Size 30 - 60mm
Settlement Factor 15%
Wood Content < 1%
Product Code: SNUG
Availability: In Stock
42 reviews (4.9/5)  42 reviews  |  Write a review
Sarah from Essex on 27/05/2018
42 reviews
Best bark I have ever purchased, clean, chunky and lovely colour, will be buying some more.
Mike from Northampton on 11/05/2018
42 reviews
very happy with the deluxe bark chippings, larger in real life than the photos, but just what I wanted. All delivered on time. Very happy with the overall service, will order again.
Roger Stitson from kidlington on 25/03/2018
42 reviews
Best bark chippings we have bought to date. However the delivery date was not kept, with no contact from the shipper. Arrived two days late and a large pallet left for disposal. Kind regards Roger
John W from Northants on 13/03/2018
42 reviews
This was my second bag of deluxe pine nuggets - topping up from previous season. They really are "deluxe" ! Best decorative bark I've been able to find.
Joe from Stevenage on 02/02/2018
42 reviews
Exactly what we wanted, looks great and delivered on time. 10/10 i'd recommend this product.
A walton from Essex on 09/10/2017
42 reviews
The best tree bark around and I have looked at a lot.the delivery is great and the staff are so helpful.dont buy anywhere else until you have seen this delux pine bark.thank you all CPA.
Jim Mason from Derby on 16/09/2017
42 reviews
Really pleased with the pine nuggets. Chunky and great colours. Picks out the plants well.
Burdin from Yorkshire on 01/09/2017
42 reviews
Deluxe pine nuggets. Really excellent product. Looks superb. No bits of loose chaff or rubbish.
HIBBERD from edinburgh on 19/07/2017
42 reviews
just purchased 3000 lts, took 2 days to spread them out,they certainly look great & they greatly enhance the plants & flowers well worth the money and expect them to last
COLIN HIBBERD from edinburgh on 19/07/2017
42 reviews
have just received my order of 3000 lts . spent 2 days spreading them out they certainly look impressive and enhance the appearance of the plants
Jenny from Horsham on 14/07/2017
42 reviews
A lovely-looking product creating a stunning finish on our newly-planted borders. A very small amount of miscellaneous things found amongst the bark. Have ordered more for another area. Delivered on the day originally specified.
Natalie Walker from Essex on 28/06/2017
42 reviews
Very pleased with the bark clippings, not seen anything similar in the big chain diy stores locally. The nuggets are a really good size with hardly any small bits, they are a rich red/brown colour and no white wood visible. Delivery was excellent, man on lorry placed it where I wanted it. Will definitely order from you again, thank you
Hibberd from Edinburgh on 12/06/2017
42 reviews
Product looks exactly as the online pictures Time will tell if it last as long as advertised. The driver was very helpful dropping of my order in exactly the right place
Hibberd from Edinburgh on 12/06/2017
42 reviews
Thanks for the delivery 2 days early, driver was very friendly and obliging placing my order in the exact place I required The product looks just like the picture online only need to see if it last as long as advertised But so far all good
Mark from Chelmsford on 19/05/2017
42 reviews
Fantastic bark nuggets. Borders around my garden look stunning with this high quality bark. Would highly recommend this product. A very satisfied customer.
Mark from Chelmsford on 19/05/2017
42 reviews
Fantastic thick bark chips. So pleased with my purchase. Garden borders look stunning. Highly recommend this product.
Joanne from Pulborough on 21/04/2017
42 reviews
Large bark pieces,looks stunning on our garden beds.will be buying more
John W from Kettering on 21/03/2017
42 reviews
Excellent product - very good appearance and after 12m no sign of weeds coming through
Eric from Hitchin on 01/02/2017
42 reviews
I have had these chippings in the past and been pleased with them so reordered and would buy again.
Keith from Epsom on 27/01/2017
42 reviews
Best ice seen on market, really look great, ordered more already
David from Leeds on 13/01/2017
42 reviews
Ideal for large garden beds - look really good and last!
Malcolm from Spilsby on 05/12/2016
42 reviews
Very pleased with the nuggets. Far better quality than another previous supplier's. Have already ordered more as I'm sure they will last longer as well.
Malcolm from Spilsby on 05/12/2016
42 reviews
Very happy with the bark nuggets, have already ordered another bag! I'm sure they will last a lot longer than those from a supplier that I previously used.
Andy Crump from Henley on 15/11/2016
42 reviews
The Pine Nuggets arrived as scheduled and without fuss - I am delighted with this product - pure nuggets - no dust or bark debris. Looked great on the flowerbed - I am just about to order another batch.
Nigel Davis from Mansfield on 15/10/2016
42 reviews
absolutely brilliant better than expected and will definately use this company again and recomend family and friends
Chris from Milton Keynes on 21/09/2016
42 reviews
Much brighter than the picture, excellent size and shape, virtually no chaff / waste in the bag. The cats will hate them and I can imagine they will last a lot longer than the usual bark chippings they are replacing which blew around the garden and turned to soil in no time.
Jonathan from Mawdesley on 09/08/2016
42 reviews
Excellent product just as described. Delivery was as promised....would definitely recommend cap-horticulture
Phil from St Albans on 14/05/2016
42 reviews
good quality; some random wood pieces in there but very small amount; 99% pine bark
Phil from St Albans on 14/05/2016
42 reviews
Good quality. some misc pieces but 99% pine bark; buying agin to spread throughout base patches
Anthea Woodcock from Lavenham on 11/08/2015
42 reviews
Superb product! Good even sized pieces that will give a perfect finish to the walkway and add an interesting visual contrast to the planting. Well worth every penny.
Marcus from Suffok on 11/08/2015
42 reviews
Very impressed with the pine nuggets that were delivered. Good size and very attractive, they really set the garden off. Will order more when needed.....
Tim from Horsham on 02/07/2015
42 reviews
Very pleased with this product - good sized, attractive nuggets - my expectations were exceeded ! James at CPA was very helpful and when I ordered on Wednesday 24th June I was told delivery would be the following Monday and they were duly delivered that day. I can definitely recommend and would buy this product from CPA again.
Graeme Corbet from Warwickshire on 22/06/2015
42 reviews
Good looking product, delivered promptly. Let's hope it stands the test of time
Eric from Hitchin on 20/04/2015
42 reviews
Very pleased with the product. Delivered as arranged.
David from Gloucester on 16/11/2014
42 reviews
Excellent product delivered as agreed.
Martin from London on 23/09/2014
42 reviews
Excellent service and product. Thank you
Jenny from Axbridge on 09/08/2014
42 reviews
Could not be more pleased with bark - exactly as described, no white wood and good size. Delivered on time. 10/10
Jenny from Axbridge on 09/08/2014
42 reviews
Could not be more delighted with order - bark as described, delivered on time and looks fab. Will take a long time to brake down so it may be a while before I have to buy more!! 10/10
Elizabeth from Salisbury on 18/06/2014
42 reviews
The deluxe bark chippings are exactly as described. No white wood and lovely nuggets.......just what I was after. Delivered on time making a perfect order. Extremely happy and would recommend
chris from cambridge on 22/04/2014
42 reviews
a very clean product exactly what we wanted and delivery was on time and painless
davidm from Oxford on 15/04/2014
42 reviews
these bark chippings are the biggest we could find anywhere, we wanted something that would last a long time and i have every reason to believe we made the right choice, was also very impressed with the lack of white wood as this was something we wanted to avoid picking out ourselves. 10/10 would buy again
colin from wrexham on 20/02/2014
42 reviews
the chippings was larger than the photos suggest but definitely "visually striking"

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