• 30 x 50L Approx 1500L
    £245.83 ex. VAT
  • 50 x 50L Approx 2500L
    £370.83 ex. VAT
  • Sample Bag Approx 0.5L
    £2.92 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Deluxe Pine Play Nuggets 45 Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
Please Note: The calculator figures above do not account for settlement. For soft materials such as barks and composts etc please add approx 10-20% settlement.

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Deluxe Pine Play Nuggets 45

A unique and chunky, visually striking pure pine bark nugget product. Highly decorative and very long lasting.

Our 35-45mm Deluxe Pine Play Nuggets are the finest quality British sourced pine bark available on today’s market.

The reduced dust and white wood enhance the products appearance and also maximises the lifespan of this decorative bark.

Due to the fines being removed during the manufacturing process, and only the chunkiest of nuggets selected this bark product has an approximately 50% extended lifespan improvement over the Pine Nuggets, and 100% lifespan improvement over spruce based barks.

This pine bark is most suitable for prestigious areas where a long lasting high visual impact is required.

The reduced white wood content and lack of fines, allow this product better drainage, longevity and increase its visual appearance over the standard pine barks.


  • Attractive and Decorative Bark
  • Great Mulch / Weed suppressant
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Protects plant and vegetable roots
  • FSC Certified Material
  • BS EN 4790:1987 Fire Tested
  • Doesn’t stain clothes
  • Frost resistant
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Reddish brown colour
  • Composition:
  • Pine Bark
  • 0-2% White Wood
  • Minimal Dust and Fines
  • 50% Lifespan improvement over traditional pine nuggets.
  • 100% Lifespan improvement over spruce based barks.
Bagged Mulch Comparison Chart
Product Durability
Bulk Bag
Price From
70L Bag
Price From
Best Price
Per Litre
Value For
Contract Ornamental 1 - 2 6 £130 £6.25 £0.08 (Small Bags) 6
Decorative Bark 2 - 3 6 £125 N/A £0.09 (Jumbo Bags) 6
Pine Play Bark 2 - 4 8 £160 £7.85 £0.11 (Small Bags) 8
Pine Play Nuggets 4 - 6 7 N/A £7.95 £0.11 (Small Bags) 8
Deluxe Maritime Pine 4 - 6 10 N/A £9.23 £0.13 (Small Bags) 10
Deluxe Pine Nuggets 5 - 8 10 £195 N/A £0.16 (Jumbo Bags) 10
Deluxe Pine Play Area Bark 5 - 8 10 £195 N/A £0.16 (Jumbo Bags) 10


Please Note: Due to the way this material bags, we are part filling 50 litres into 60 litres back.

BS EN 1177 Compliance Yes
BS EN 4790 Compliance Yes
FSC Regulated Yes
pH Level 4.5 - 5.5
Bagged Yes
Loose Yes
Technical Information
British Sourced Yes
Bulk Density 210 - 270 kg/m3
Durability 4-6 Years
Dust & Fines Minimal
Main Constituent Pine
Particle Size 30 - 60mm
Settlement Factor 15%
Wood Content < 1%
Product Code: SNUG45
Availability: Out Of Stock
3 reviews (5/5)  3 Reviews  
Sara Quaglieni from Bristol on 07/07/2024
3 reviews
Great product and great service. So much better than normal bark from a DIY store or garden centre. It has less small parts and will clearly last a lot longer. It also looks fabulous and distinctive. Perfect for the job I had it in mind for. The service was also excellent.
Martin Hysel from Frodsham on 11/05/2024
3 reviews
Superb bark which sets off the garden so well. Areas where it is placed become an attractive addition to the garden. Good delivery period and helpful driver.
Stephen from Salford on 18/03/2024
3 reviews
This bark although expensive is by far the best quality I have ever found. The product I used to use to get proper bark nuggets is no longer sold at any of the garden centres or diy stores near me and the bark they have is mostly sticks and twigs. It looks great when laid under trees and bushes and is nice for rustic garden paths. I am sure used at the correct depth it would make any child’s activity play area much safer. I liked it so much I ordered a second batch for my sister
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