Deluxe Maritime Pine Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
  • Mini Pack (10 x 70L) Approx. 700 Litres
    £108.33 ex. VAT
  • Small Pack (15 x 70L) Approx. 1050 Litres
    £137.50 ex. VAT
  • Half Pallet (21 x 70L) Approx. 1470 Litres
    £162.50 ex. VAT
  • Midi Pack (30 x 70L) Approx. 2100 Litres
    £216.67 ex. VAT
  • Full Pallet (39 x 70L) Approx. 2730 Litres
    £245.83 ex. VAT
  • Sample Bag Approx. 0.5 Litres
    £2.50 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
Please Note: Delivery charges apply for Scotland, Wales, Northern England, London and the South West of England. Read More.

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Deluxe Maritime Pine

Imported from Portugal our Maritime Pine is a unique and attractive decorative mulch.

Unavailable on the high street, the rich deep red and maroon colours of this exotic mulch are unlike any domestically grown bark and is unique to the European Continent.

Maritime Pine has gone through rigourous screening processes to remove the vast majority of elastic and stringier particles, leaving a beautiful chipped product (similar to our British Deluxe Pine) available in four sizes:

  • 8-15 mm Pine Orchid Bark (Available on request)
  • 15-25 mm Pine Bark / Coarse Reptile Bark
  • 25-45 mm Pine Bark Nuggets
  • 45 mm+ Bark Nuggets

The 8-15, 15-25 mm grades are extremely uniform in size and appearance and make for an inspiring finish to any garden or planting scheme (As pictured above).

The 25-45 mm grade is highly decorative and provides a good middle ground between the uniformity of the 15-25mm and the larger, long lasting particle range of the 45+ grade.

All products have been steam sterilized before export making these products ideal for use with small animals and reptile vivariums ensuring no external pathogens or bugs are introduced into your enclosure.

The 15-25 and 25-45 make an ideal play area surface and are fully BSEN 1177 certified.

Looking for something larger? Check out our 45mm+ Deluxe Maritime Pine Bark Nuggets

Not what you were looking for? Try visiting our Play Surfaces listings or our range of Bark Mulch products.

Please Note: The above picture is of the 15-25 mm grading. 

You can now buy our 15-25 Grade in single bags from Amazon with free Next Day Prime Shipping directly from Amazon here


Product Code: MARITIME
Availability: In Stock
66 reviews (5/5)  66 Reviews  |  Write a review
Ann Dean from London on 23/03/2019
66 reviews
I was so impressed with the Deluxe Maritime Pine mulch that I have purchased it again this year. Last year I had to wait for the mulch as it was on back order (from Europe), but I was kept informed about the arrival date and assured that I would not be "bumped from the que" by larger orders. The mulch was delivered to me within days of CPA receiving it. It was well worth the wait. A beautiful red colour, the size of the nuggets as per described, and once down it was obvious that i was a far superior product to anything else I have come across. It makes other bark mulch look like a lumpy, shredded blanket. An added bonus is the lovely smell of pine that filled my garden. The only down side was that a section of my garden that was still not completely planted (so left without mulch) looked so much worse in comparison. I can't wait to get this covered with my second order of Deluxe Maritime mulch.
Jim from Bath on 21/03/2019
66 reviews
Maritime Bark is expensive , but this is the best no rubbish bark or shavings. You seem to get quite a lot in each bag ie more than any other I have used and I have used many. Looks great and should wear well as it’s the genuine article
Mark from Yorkshire on 07/03/2019
66 reviews
Perfect with no dust or waste
Gary from Bath on 06/03/2019
66 reviews
The first time I have used nuggets and what an improvement over the alternative traditional bark! Easier to handle and spread but most importantly they look amazing! So much so I will be ordering more for another area of the garden.
April from London on 16/02/2019
66 reviews
Ordered sample. Very clean, good red brown colour. Decided to order more.
SHANTI from BATH on 29/01/2019
66 reviews
Excellent Product and Amazingly Fast and Prompt Service.
M Walton from Hinckley on 19/12/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product and first class service delivered on time by a very helpful delivery driver.
Gary from Romsey on 04/12/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product and service. This is the third time I have ordered from CPA and I will be ordering more from them soon.
Sue Cooke from on 21/11/2018
66 reviews
Delivery came on time with helpful driver. Bark is as sample. Product very dry so bags are lightweight to move which is very helpful. Borders look great when mulched and client very happy.
Robert Della-Sala from Ilmer on 13/11/2018
66 reviews
Lovely size and easy to spread creating a really nice finsih
Clark from Sleaford on 10/11/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product. Delivery spot on. Excellent delivery driver
Robert from Ilmer on 01/11/2018
66 reviews
Have ordered twice before and about to place a further order. Great price on all products. Delivery always on time and excellent products
Clark from Sleaford on 27/10/2018
66 reviews
Good service. Good product
Christopher Ford from Melton Mowbray on 25/10/2018
66 reviews
Excellent service, prompt delivery, and a lovely decorative product just as I wanted
Gerry from Rochester on 03/10/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product as described
Chris from Ashford on 03/10/2018
66 reviews
Fantastic product as usual, have ordered it many times - I have a huge garden. Delivery is always prompt and punctual.
Nicola from ORMSKIRK on 23/09/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product; delivered on time; will use this company again.
Mark Hibberd from Ashtead on 04/09/2018
66 reviews
Only a sample bag, but like the look of it and will likely place an order.
Chris from Ashford on 03/09/2018
66 reviews
Have ordered many times, always excellent in all respects
margaret from Stratford-upon-Avon on 01/09/2018
66 reviews
I am very pleased with the pallet of Maritime Pine 25-45 recently delivered; this was the second time I had ordered this type of mulch. There was however a problem when it was delivered: On arrival the Palletways courier removed a large package from his van and deposited it in my garage with great difficulty as the lifting equipment wasn't working properly. He then realised it was not my order! There was further difficulty getting it back in the van and he had to get help from a passerby! Noticeable scrapping damage was caused to my driveway because of the problems he was experiencing. Continued difficulty ensued in removing my package from the truck and he had to ask someone from the building site across the street to bring one of their lifting vehicles over to assist.
R Stroud from Malvern, Worcs on 26/08/2018
66 reviews
Deluxe Maritime Pine - lovely product. I bought samples of the small and medium sizes to try for garden ornamentation. I would buy some more but I only require about 100 litres, which is too small for a palletised order.
Charlie Plummer from Maidstone, Kent on 09/07/2018
66 reviews
Clear communication as to when the bark would be back in stock, delivered as scheduled and excellent quality product. Thank you.
Zoe from London on 03/07/2018
66 reviews
Samples of the mulch was ideal for my balcony pot plants. Delivery was before due date. Very pleased with the purchase
John from Wolverhampton on 26/06/2018
66 reviews
Ordered sample bag, arrived quickly, looks good. I am going to order a full pallet. Hope the bagged supply is as good as the sample
C Plummer from Maidstone on 12/03/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product, promptly delivered. Thank you.
C. Plummer from Maidstone on 12/03/2018
66 reviews
Excellent product, promptly delivered. Thank you.
Chris from Ashford Kent on 25/02/2018
66 reviews
Great product, delivered when specified.
Dobson from Salisbury on 17/10/2017
66 reviews
Very pleased with the sample of the pine nuggets. The order was delivered by return post practically Excellent. May return for another buy when I have organised the garden plans Thank you for good service .
BIPIN from LONDON on 13/10/2017
66 reviews
DELIVERY chap was very helpful the product is of high quality ....will be definitely ordering some more
IMP from Ayrshire on 19/09/2017
66 reviews
Excellent service and delivery. Ordered two sizes of this bark for contrast and definition in a planted area and the finished effect is exactly as expected. Very impressed with the exceptional quality and colour of both sizes of bark and very pleased with the final appearance. Would definitely buy again and will be recommending both the company and the product.
John M from Penarth, Wales on 15/05/2017
66 reviews
Easy transaction with CPA. Palletways delivery prompt and efficient. Product is good quality chunky chips with very little white wood or dust. Easy to spread. Dark browny-red (mahogany colour) which looks very good IMO.
Chris V from Ashford on 09/05/2017
66 reviews
Two full pallets already, about to order a third. Excellent product, excellent service.
Ian from LLanelli on 05/05/2017
66 reviews
Would thoroughly recommend this product. It has revitalised my garden and brings out the various colours of the plants and shrubs in my borders.
Paul from Billericay on 01/05/2017
66 reviews
Great service and great product. Will be placing 3rd order very soon.
Ian from LLanelli on 19/04/2017
66 reviews
Really good product and delivered promptly
Mary-Louise Wilkinson from London on 13/04/2017
66 reviews
Looking for nice mulch to give a professional touch to my borders. Like this but I think it's too red for my garden Quality is very good.
Frank from York on 12/04/2017
66 reviews
Excellent quality and service
Jill from Shropshire on 27/03/2017
66 reviews
I am about to order my fourth load of deluxe maritime prime chippings. Excellent quality, delivery prompt within 24 hours. Would definitely recommend
Chris from Ashford on 23/03/2017
66 reviews
Great product, better than I have seen elsewhere
Robert from Horsham on 12/03/2017
66 reviews
I bought 15 bags last October. They are outstanding. Still have that beautiful deep red/brown colour after our winter. Will definitely buy another load when I need to top up. Service excellent.
Chris from Leicester on 10/03/2017
66 reviews
Brought two sample packs of the Deluxe Maritime Bark 15-25 to see the exact quality.Very impressed with the size and quality of the . Will be purchasing more when garden is planted. Hopefully quality will be the same in the bulk bags as the sample ones.
Chris from Leicester on 10/03/2017
66 reviews
Brought 2 sample packs to try. Will be back for more as soon as the garden is weeded.
Angela from Southampton on 24/02/2017
66 reviews
Excellent customer service and a great product. Lovely dark brown/red colour.
dave from surbiton on 13/02/2017
66 reviews
great product and service
Dave from Guildford on 29/01/2017
66 reviews
great service and products
penny from Ashford Kent on 04/01/2017
66 reviews
Very good quality pine nuggets. We had to change the delivery date but this was sorted in a couple of emails - very friendly and efficent service. The driver too was very helpful. Will be ordering again and have already recommended to friends.
Penny from Ashford Kent on 04/01/2017
66 reviews
Good quality small pine nuggets. Fast and effficient delivery. Office and driver offered a friendly and helpful service. Have recommended to friend and will order again.
Paul Kirby from Billericay on 14/12/2016
66 reviews
Sample bag only but good quality and I will be placing an order
Paul Kirby from Billericay on 14/12/2016
66 reviews
Sample bag only but quality is good and I will be placing an order
John from Cheltenham on 19/10/2016
66 reviews
Ordered Maritime Pine Bark (25 to 45) and its excellent. Consistent size range, really clean (no fines), lovely red colour and smells good too. Looks wonderful on our garden, no comparison with the normal play bark rubbish you usually see. This is a class material and a speedy delivery too!
D Eaton from Doncaster on 04/08/2016
66 reviews
Excellent product. Will be ordering again.
Dorothy Eaton from Doncaster on 01/08/2016
66 reviews
Going on to my second order. Quality of nuggets and service excellent.
Julian from Bath on 26/07/2016
66 reviews
This is an excellent product with a very attractive appearance, which creates an elegant, understated ground cover.
Huw Williams from Aberaeron on 22/06/2016
66 reviews
Delivered. As promised on the due date, quality of material is the best I have seen for some time. Once again thanks for your prompt supply
Nareshkumar Patel from Kettring on 20/05/2016
66 reviews
We are very pleased with the product and the quality Delivery was prompt
Nareshkumar Patel from Kettring on 20/05/2016
66 reviews
We are very pleased with the product and the quality of the product Delivery was prompt as well
Cfoulkes from Stourbridge on 26/02/2016
66 reviews
Excellent prompt service. Fast and efficient. 45mm+ maritime bark - exactly as expected. I found it impossible to source this size bark and quality elsewhere. Pity we can't source such a good quality product from the UK. Will use again. Highly recommended.
A Marshall from haslemere on 27/11/2015
66 reviews
Overall size of bark bigger than I anticipated but excellent quality.
a marshall from haslemere on 27/11/2015
66 reviews
Overall size of bark bigger than I anticipated but otherwise excellent. Perfect for the job I have in mind
Susan from Former Norfolk on 24/09/2015
66 reviews
The bark pieces were smaller than I originally ordered, due to not being currently available, but these worked perfectly and look great in the large planter I have top dressed. Excellent product I shall be ordering more in the future.
Susan from Cromer on 22/09/2015
66 reviews
Excellent product, bark size smaller than originally picked as these were not available I choose to have them and very pleased I did as they are perfect for my planters.
Pete Hughes from Gloucestershire on 01/09/2015
66 reviews
Great Quality product at great price. Speedy delivery and very friendly and helpful Driver. Can't be faulted and will definitely be back. Thanks.
Tom from Stowmarket on 03/05/2015
66 reviews
Great service. Would use again very soon.
angie fane from criccieth on 28/03/2015
66 reviews
excellent service will be using again soon
BBryce from Birmingham on 09/03/2015
66 reviews
Now on our third order. All parts of the service from ordering, delivery, communications have been fantastic.
Bryce from Birmingham on 19/02/2015
66 reviews
Good quality pine nuggets.The nuggets which arrived are not quite as clean looking as the photographs suggest. The nuggets are also dark brown/black in colour rather than the light brown the photographs suggest. Not deterred though as I have placed a repeat order.

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