Glossary of Terms

Product Definitions

Term Description
Bark Bark is the outer most layer of woody plants and roots. Bark overlays the wood and is often processed to become bark chippings which is popular landscaping, mulching and childrens play areas.​
Bark Chippings Bark chippings come from processed tree bark and is often sourced from spruce or pine trees. There are various different grades of bark chippings which include play grade bark chippings, garden bark chippings and landscaping bark chippings. CPA Horticulture supply many different bark chippings in many different variants. Please refer to our bark mulch section on the website.
Play bark

Our Play bark comes from processed pine trees. The bark is chipped and screened to remove large particles and dangerous shards of wood. We have different grades of play bark available, ranging from our finer 10-40mm pine play area bark through to the pine nuggets which have a nominal particle size of 40-60mm. The term play bark is often used to describe any loose fill play surface but is not technically correct and often people are happy to consider play grade woodchips in its place. All of our play products have been tested in accordance to British Standards.​

Also known as: Play grade bark, play area bark

Play Grade CPA Horticulture defines a play grade safety surface as one that has been through a rigorous manufacture process to make it safe for children to play on. All play grade materials have been fully tested in accordance with BSEN 1177 for critical fall heights.

Woodchip or wood chippings are made from the inner most part of the tree. They will go through a shredder or a chipper to turn logs and large parts of wood into smaller particles. It is not recommended putting wood chippings into play areas unless they have gone through a screening process to remove any dangerous shards.

Also known as: Wood chippings

Contract Grade Contract grade is defined as being a year round consistent product.
Ornamental Grade Ornamental Grade means that the product is an attractive ornamental product.
Medium Grade A product that is intended to be functional rather than decorative.

Mulch is the term used to prevent weed growth. Typically you would put a mulch product down 1-2 inches thick which should help retain moisture levels and prevent unwanted growth.

Also known as: Bark Mulch, Compost Mulch, Woodchip mulch, Medium mulch


Vehicle Definitions

Term Description
Walking Floor A Walking floor articulated lorry is a full length artic (approx 60ft long) which can typically carry between 80 cubic metres and 120 cubic metres. Rather than being tipped, a walking floor ejects the product from the bark of its trailer. See here for a video on how it works:​

An articulated lorry is a tractor and trailer which is joined by an axle.

Also known as: articulated lorry


A rigid lorry is a tractor and trailer that is joined on a single frame. 8 Wheeler rigid vehicles tip the loose material out on to the floor below and require height clearance enough to eject the material.

Also known as: 8 wheeler


Manufacturing Definitions

Term Description
Screening Screening is part of the manufacturing process where the product is shaken through a large mechanical civ. When something is screened 10-40mm, it means the particles less than 10mm will be removed on one cycle, and the particles over 40mm will be removed on another. 
Chipped When something has been chipped it will have been processed through a mechanical device which will chip the product into smaller particles.


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