Pallet Delivery Information

Terms and Conditions of Delivery

CPA Horticulture uses a national pallet network to deliver our products.

All goods are delivered on a non returnable wooden pallet.

Delivery will aim to be between 8AM and 6PM on your selected date. If you have any queries or alternative delivery requirements such as a next day service or timed deliveries, please contact us on 01994 231121. Surcharges may apply.

The drivers aim to contact you an hour ahead for delivery to inform you of their arrival, so a valid telephone number is mandatory.

As with all pallet deliveries - curb side delivery only can be guaranteed. The drivers are requested to do their best to deliver as close to the property as access allows. It is not possible to move pallets over loose or uneven surfaces such as gravel or grass so please check before ordering. We are not able to carry materials up inclines, paths or to rear gardens. Access to sites must be on hard roads over which a vehicle can pass without sustaining or causing damage of any kind.

When a 7.5 tonne vehicle is required, please note the maximum weight these vehicles can carry is approx two tonnes. If you require multiple pallets delivering, these may need to be broken over seperate delivery dates. Some 7.5 tonne vehicles have weaker tail lifts which are not suitable for full pallets and may require the customer manually removing a layer of bags. It is recommended with small bag orders to order 30/36 bags max per pallet to avoid this.

Please note; Even when a 7.5 tonne is selected, this does not guarentee that the couriers vehicle will enter the property or be able to achieve any more than kerbside only. This is down to driver discretion and the local couriers insurance policies. 

If you require clarification or advise on the above, please call us on 01994 231121 to discuss your delivery requirements.

Orders cannot be cancelled without incurring costs once goods have been dispatched. Goods are typically dispatched 3 working days prior to delivery. Please call for more information.

If you need to reschedule your delivery, you must give at least 24 hours notice. Unplanned redeliveries are charged at £30 per pallet.

Any orders returned to us once the products are in transit will be refunded minus the cost of transport at approx. £40+VAT per pallet each way to English destinations (additional charges may apply to Scotland & Wales). Goods must be returned in the state that they were received, shrink wrapped and accessible by a pallet pump truck and vehicle.




Please Note: CPA Horticulture cannot be held liable for costs incurred due to delayed deliveries. The majority of consignments from CPA Horticulture go out through the Palletways network, which delivers 22,000 pallets in the UK per day and has an on day / on time success rate of 97.6% (correct as of November 2015).

All of our Palletways consignments offer full tracking data with real time information which will be emailed to you once the consignment has left our care.


7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle with Tail Lift

7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle
Approximate Dimensions
Height 3.4M
Length 6M - 8.5M
Width 2.8M
Max Weight 7.5 Tonnes
Cubic Capacity 32.5M3
Frame Rigid
Turning Circle 15M
Max Pallets 2-3
Wheels 4
Comparable To Fire Engine, Dust Bin Lorry


18 Tonne Pallet Vehicle with Tail Lift

18 Tonne Pallet Vehicle
Approximate Dimensions
Height 3.4M
Length 9.6M
Width 2.8M
Max Weight 24.5 Tonnes
Cubic Capacity 42.5M3
Frame Rigid
Turning Circle 15M
Max Pallets 10
Wheels 4-6
Comparable To Large Fire Engine


Artic Pallet Vehicle

7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle
Approximate Dimensions
Height 4+M
Length 16+M
Width 2.8M
Max Weight 48 Tonnes
Cubic Capacity 90M3
Frame Articulated
Turning Circle 26M
Max Pallets 22-26
Wheels 10+
Comparable To Large SuperStore vehicle


The Pump Truck

7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle
Ground Clearance 3-4 CM
Max Weight 1000 KG
Suitable For Moving pallets over level, firm surfaces

Pump Trucks require hard standing to maneuver pallets. They cannot
function on loose surfaces such as gravel or grass.

Due to the ground clearance, they cannot mount curbs or climb