Technical Bulletins

Date Description Link
March 2014 BLOG: Considerations when building your own Play Area  Link
March 2014 BLOG: 5 Reasons to purchase certified wood chips for play areas Link
February 2014 BLOG: Which Play Area Surface is right for me? Link
January 2014 Wicksteed: An Essential Guide to BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177 Download
January 2014 RoSPA: Loose Impact Attenuating Surfaces Maintenance Considerations. Download
January 2014 Important delivery information for palletised goods. Link
December 2013 How mushroom compost is produced Link
December 2013 Top Reasons to use Mushroom Compost Link
December 2013 Improving your soil with Mushroom Compost Link
December 2013 Mulching with Mushroom Compost Link
December 2013 How our Horse Manure Compost is produced Link
July 2012 BLOG: CPA Horticulture saves Hyde Park Summer Festivals Link