• Micro Pack (5 x 70L) Approx 350L
    £108.33 ex. VAT
  • Mini Pack (10 x 70L) Approx 700L
    £141.67 ex. VAT
  • Small Pack (15 x 70L) Approx 1050L
    £179.17 ex. VAT
  • Convenience Pack (20 x 70L) Approx 1400L
    £212.50 ex. VAT
  • Midi Pack (30 x 70L) Approx 2100L
    £287.50 ex. VAT
  • Full Pallet (39 x 70L) Approx 2730L
    £332.50 ex. VAT
  • Sample Bag Approx 0.5L
    £3.33 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Deluxe Maritime Pine 25-45 Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
Please Note: The calculator figures above do not account for settlement. For soft materials such as barks and composts etc please add approx 10-20% settlement.

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Deluxe Maritime Pine 25-45

Imported from Spain our Maritime Pine is a unique and attractive decorative mulch.

Unavailable on the high street, the rich deep red and maroon colours of this exotic mulch are unlike any domestically grown bark and is unique to the European Continent.

The 25-45 mm grade is highly decorative and provides a good middle ground between the uniformity of the 15-25mm and the larger, long lasting particle range of the 45+ grade.

This product is fully play certified and has been tested to BSEN 1177 for Critical Fall Height safety.

Maritime Pine has gone through rigourous screening processes to remove the vast majority of elastic and stringier particles, leaving a beautiful chipped product (similar to our British Deluxe Pine) available in four sizes:



All products have been steam sterilized before export making these products ideal for use with small animals and reptile vivariums ensuring no external pathogens or bugs are introduced into your enclosure.

Looking for something smaller? Check out our 15-25 and 08-15 grades of Deluxe Maritime Pine.

Looking for something larger? Check out our 45mm+ Deluxe Maritime Pine Bark Nuggets

Not what you were looking for? Try visiting our Play Surfaces listings or our range of Bark Mulch products.



Bagged Mulch Comparison Chart
Product Durability
Bulk Bag
Price From
70L Bag
Price From
Best Price
Per Litre
Value For
Contract Ornamental 1 - 2 6 £130 £6.25 £0.08 (Small Bags) 6
Decorative Bark 2 - 3 6 £125 N/A £0.09 (Jumbo Bags) 6
Pine Play Bark 2 - 4 8 £160 £7.85 £0.11 (Small Bags) 8
Pine Play Nuggets 4 - 6 7 N/A £7.95 £0.11 (Small Bags) 8
Deluxe Maritime Pine 4 - 6 10 N/A £9.23 £0.13 (Small Bags) 10
Deluxe Pine Nuggets 5 - 8 10 £195 N/A £0.16 (Jumbo Bags) 10
Deluxe Pine Play Area Bark 5 - 8 10 £195 N/A £0.16 (Jumbo Bags) 10
Product Code: MARITIME2545
Availability: Out Of Stock
66 reviews (4.8/5)  66 Reviews  
Peter from Great Brickhill on 27/05/2024
66 reviews
Maritime pine bark was very good quality and the delivery was very fast.
Richard from Reading on 03/05/2024
66 reviews
Great quality, looks fantastic
Slim from Leeds on 26/04/2024
66 reviews
Nice product although does have a few pieces of white wood in there and it does smell a tad! Delivery would be better if quicker but good customer service whenever I rang through with questions so a positive experience overall!!
Lin from UK on 21/04/2024
66 reviews
Very good product. Prompt delivery
Derek Collings from Bexley on 12/03/2024
66 reviews
Received the Deluxe Pine Bark Nuggets 25-45 size. On opening all the bags the quality was very poor with lots of scraggly bits & over size bits compared with deliveries in the past.
Nick from York on 12/11/2023
66 reviews
The product is good, delivery is the problem. I've ordered three times, always specifying "small delivery vehicle" which is an option at checkout. Despite this, on the first and third occasions the delivery was first attempted by a huge wagon resulting in a blocked access road and a day's delay respectively.
Carol from Annan on 21/10/2023
66 reviews
Great information on website to help choose product, ease of ordering and delivered when stated. So pleased with the look and quality, would buy again.
Jeanette from Dorset on 02/09/2023
66 reviews
Returning customer. Purchased the Deluxe Maritime Pine 25-45 bark mulch to top up existing. As ever, an excellent product. Ordering process was simple, delivered on time and we are very pleased with it. Thanks again CPA-Horticulture for your great customer service!
Gavin from Hull on 02/09/2023
66 reviews
Great product used before 2 years ago - still looks good. Great service and delivered quick.
Joanne from Nr. Haverhill, Suffolk on 01/09/2023
66 reviews
It was a rather long wait for this product to come back into stock, but well worth the wait! It is a beautiful looking bark, chunky but not overdone and looks superb in the garden. The deep reddish hue offsets every colour of plant and flower superbly and it should look outstanding for years to come. A finishing touch that was well-worth the wait and cost. Brown pine bark would never provide the architectural, ornamental & rich finish I was looking for and although tempted to substitute with it because of the long wait for the Maritime bark to come into stock I'm so glad I waited. Excellent service from CPA. Highly recommended!
Chris Brodest from Nuneaton on 18/06/2023
66 reviews
Excellent product and service, very pleased. delivery on time and excellent driver.
Kerry Kelly from Lytham St. Annes on 24/04/2023
66 reviews
Very pleased with the pine bark. Great service and timely delivery. Quality and colour of bark as described. Would definitely buy again.
Paloma Mackenzie from Molesey on 12/04/2023
66 reviews
Beautiful quality bark, looks great! Will eventually cover my entire garden. Excellent customer service and punctual delivety
Joanne from Shropshire on 29/03/2023
66 reviews
I’ve had this product before from yourselves, this was a top up. Excellent product, absolutely worth paying for decent mulch rather than cheaper alternatives. All comms and delivery excellent. Thank you.
Fielden from Lindfield on 25/02/2023
66 reviews
Very impressed with the De Luxe Maritime Pine bark. Am now about to place a bulk order.f54775
Fielden from Lindfield on 25/02/2023
66 reviews
Excellent quality bark samples. Can’t wait to order my bulk supply.
Donna Wharton from Stourbridge on 25/11/2022
66 reviews
First class service from this company from ordering to delivery. Emailed with questions, prompt reply which was very helpful. Placed order. delivery booked for day requested. Arrived as promised early on chosen morning. Driver very helpful. Will definitely order from this company again, highly recommend.
A L FIELD from ESSEX on 25/08/2022
66 reviews
James Newbold from Kenilworth on 23/08/2022
66 reviews
I placed two orders with CPA Horticulture for Deluxe Maritime Bark. In fact one of the orders was miscalculated by myself but the sales staff corrected this for me without problem or prejudice. Both orders were delivered on time and exactly to agreed specification by friendly and considerate drivers. More importantly, the bark looks outstanding and neighbours and passers by regularly positively comment.
Rees from Ulverston on 28/07/2022
66 reviews
A couple of things prospective purchasers should be aware of. Whilst the product is very attractive as all the reviews confirm, the size of the nuggets were considerably larger on average, than what I ordered. I would say at least a third of the nuggets were well over 50mm and I had ordered the 3rd size up 25-45mm. Also there was quite a bit of bark strip and whitewood, twigs etc I sorted some of this out and it came to half a bag for 4 bags used. I took some photos. I used this as a bedding layer for a new area, but there was a lot of sorting involved to get the desired outcome. Overall it's a good product, maybe this was just a poor batch.
Eric from MANCHESTER on 25/07/2022
66 reviews
Hi, This is second time order , The mulch clip is good and on time arrival. But, the packing alway broken on both times and with some stone?
Nick from York on 13/07/2022
66 reviews
I had specifically booked the small van delivery due to tight access but a huge wagon came so our lane was blocked: beware, you cannot rely on CPA. Bark looks good. A couple of bags had split on the pallet so a bit of cleaning up to do. And now I have a huge pallet to dispose of: wasteful.
jeremy harris from Windermere on 14/06/2022
66 reviews
We were pleased with the product. In particular the delivery driver was most helpful and cooperative. We will continue to order our garden products from you
Nick from York on 10/06/2022
66 reviews
I had specifically booked the small van delivery due to tight access but a huge wagon came so our lane was blocked: beware, you cannot rely on this. Bark looks good, but the large pieces mean it may not retain water and supress weeds as well as finer material. A few sacks had split on the pallet but the bark was retained by the external plastic wrap so none lost and easy to clean up.
RYAN'S GARDENSCAPES from Nottinghamshire on 26/05/2022
66 reviews
Great product delivered on time as usual!
Rosie from Newport on 24/05/2022
66 reviews
Delivered on time and bark looks great. Very pleased.
Linda from Southampton on 29/04/2022
66 reviews
We love the maritime bark - looks so good and also lasts several years and acts as a good mulch. We do one area of the garden each year, taking up the old bark, weeding (much easier),moving what bark is left to another area. We put completely new bark down where we have taken up the old/decomposing bark. Delivery is to kerbside and moving one bag at a time is not too difficult in the wheelbarrow (we are old) as the bark is dry and not waterlogged (unlike garden centre bark which is often soggy and straggly). We recommend it.
Steve Hobbis from West Midlands on 26/04/2022
66 reviews
Excellent quality product, looks great, company are 100%recommended for delivery, service and products.
Nigel mendham from London on 25/04/2022
66 reviews
Top quality product will definitely be using CPA horticulture again
Nigel mendham from London on 25/04/2022
66 reviews
Top quality product Will definitely be using CPA horticulture again
Julie from York on 28/03/2022
66 reviews
Lovely bark - delivered on time and exactly as described. I will be ordering again.
Bob Phillips from Gairloch, NW Highlands on 15/03/2022
66 reviews
This bark is very good on the eye. Very little dross, delivered pretty rapidly, the driver managed to get the pallet right to the front of my house.
Bob Phillips from Gairloch, NW Highlands on 15/03/2022
66 reviews
Excellent product, not too much dross, delivered quite rapidly, the truck driver got the pallet exactly where I wanted it. What more can I say?!
John from Edinburgh on 09/03/2022
66 reviews
Smooth transaction and high quality material. Recommended
John from Edinburgh on 09/03/2022
66 reviews
Smooth transaction & high quality material. Recommended
Deb from Worcestershire on 16/02/2022
66 reviews
So glad I found this product. It looks great and is very different to the soggy mush you get from garden centres. It looks like it will last a long time as well
Deb Palin from Worcester on 14/02/2022
66 reviews
So pleased I found this product, it’s so different from the soggy bags of bark you get from the garden centre. Firstly, it’s dry, so lighter and easier to move around, it’s colour is much nicer than the usual dark brown and they are much larger and look like they will last much longer than ordinary ones. Great product.
Ray from Southwold on 25/01/2022
66 reviews
Excellent product and service ...
Alan Tomlinson from Derby on 01/12/2021
66 reviews
Really top quality bark, cannot buy this from garden centres, lasts a lot longer than ordinary bark and looks better, good delivery service, bought some last year and still looks good
Rod Fraser from Shrewsbury on 23/11/2021
66 reviews
Very impressed with the product, has transformed the garden. Delivered on time and bags are manageable size!
Nigel from Basingstoke on 19/10/2021
66 reviews
Superb maritime bark, faultless service
Nigel west from Basingstoke on 19/10/2021
66 reviews
Superb maritime bark, faultless service.
Mrs Penelope Ling from Ampthill on 04/08/2021
66 reviews
Excellent product and exactly what was needed for a woodland path.
Colin Campbell from Warwickshire on 27/07/2021
66 reviews
An excellent product. Pleasant to handle and so much better than regular bark. Customer service was very good and telephone calls were always answered promtly.
Tony C from fareham on 25/07/2021
66 reviews
Absolutely delighted with the product, makes the garden look even more amazing. Great service and they kept me informed asap when stock was back in. Always helpful and informative. Will definitely be going back for more garden stuff.
Susan Taylor from Loughborough on 24/07/2021
66 reviews
Very pleased with the product but it is important to arrange suitable size vehicle for delivery as a 7 ton lorry arrived and driver would not drive into property so we had to haul 39 bags inside on one of hottest days.
Brian Elsey from London on 23/07/2021
66 reviews
Having bought and been impressed with the 45+ grade of Maritime buying this size for other parts of the garden almost went without saying. Excellent product and delivery / customer service. Would recommend product and CPA
Helen Woodward from Brecon on 23/06/2021
66 reviews
Excellent product, excellent service albeit a delay in sourcing it.
Karen from Worcestershire on 29/03/2021
66 reviews
Brilliant product with just fantastic chunky bark, no soft wood scraps to fill the bag out. Been using it for years. CPA gave excellent customer service. Thank you.
Teresa from Long Crendon on 26/03/2021
66 reviews
I was quite nervous about ordering the Deluxe Maritime Pine Nuggets but I didn’t need to be. These are fabulous and look great in amongst the shrubs. I chose these because they were sold in bags rather than bulk. A true winner over the bark from garden centres! No comparison. Thank you!
Katie Worthington from Wirral on 23/03/2021
66 reviews
Absolutely fantastic service! The delivery was on time, and could not fault it. The product itself is a gorgeous red-brown which is nice and striking in the borders. We haven’t ordered enough so will be ordering some more.
Kirsty Brooks from Pocklington on 14/12/2020
66 reviews
Great quality and colour. Delivery guy very helpful.
Kornelia from Cumbria on 17/11/2020
66 reviews
Nugget sizes vary and are sometimes larger than the 25-45 mm range but overall homogeneous effect and really love the russet colour. It looks very smart on our borders and we are very pleased with the overall effect. If you spread it with a minimum depth of 50mm, a 70 l bags doesn't go very far. We however hope it will have a much longer life span than ordinary fibrous mulch and are now ordering another 30 bags for the third time.
Steve Redfearn from Brigg on 13/11/2020
66 reviews
Deluxe Maritime Pine - Excellent product, great colour looks great in a low maintenance bed. Better than anything you can get from a garden centre
Ian from Windsor on 24/10/2020
66 reviews
Excellent quality, well packed, dry and delivered quickly - far batter than anything form the garden centre.
Lidia from Thames Ditton on 03/09/2020
66 reviews
I ordered - Deluxe Maritime Pine 25 - 45mm size. Great product, as described without any white wood added. When dry - lovely deep rust colour, when wet pine sent emanates in warm weather.
Carl from Lincoln on 28/08/2020
66 reviews
Great service from the start. Friendly team. Prompt delivery and a fantastic product! Thanks all!
Craig Lewis from Stratford-upon-Avon on 16/08/2020
66 reviews
Really pleased with this product. It looks better than it does in the pictures. In fact I was so happy with it, I've already ordered another full pallet
shahin ismail from Peterborough on 15/08/2020
66 reviews
The 25-45 looks great, but did not cover 50m as promised!
Gill White from Therford on 15/08/2020
66 reviews
Efficient delivery. Excellent quality bark. Looks great in the garden. Would definitely buy again.
Abrar ahmed from Birmingham on 07/08/2020
66 reviews
Bought maritime twice. Very good quality and looks really nice once. Would recommend.
Mehmet Karamanoglu from Croydon on 29/07/2020
66 reviews
Received the Maritime Pine Nuggets as planned. Super efficient service and a great and consistent product. The garden now looks stunning. Highly recommended.
T Perry from Bedford on 28/07/2020
66 reviews
Great product and good to look at.
Clive Gillam from Oxford on 20/07/2020
66 reviews
Very smooth purchase. Prompt delivery and good product
GEOFF BARRON from EXMOUTH on 19/07/2020
66 reviews
Like this maritime bark a lot, it looks great and really makes the plants stand out.
Jim from Dorset on 22/06/2020
66 reviews
Very attractive product, looks great in the garden.
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