• Micro Pack (5 x 70L) Approx 350L
    £108.33 ex. VAT
  • Mini Pack (10 x 70L) Approx 700L
    £141.67 ex. VAT
  • Small Pack (15 x 70L) Approx 1050L
    £179.17 ex. VAT
  • Convenience Pack (20 x 70L) Approx 1400L
    £212.50 ex. VAT
  • Midi Pack (30 x 70L) Approx 2100L
    £287.50 ex. VAT
  • Full Pallet (39 x 70L) Approx 2730L Larger rigid vehicle required.
    £332.50 ex. VAT
  • Sample Bag Approx 0.5L
    £3.33 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Deluxe Maritime Nursery Pine 08-15 Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
Please Note: The calculator figures above do not account for settlement. For soft materials such as barks and composts etc please add approx 10-20% settlement.

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Deluxe Maritime Nursery Pine 08-15

Imported from Portugal our Maritime Pine is a unique and attractive decorative mulch.

Unavailable on the high street, the rich deep red and maroon colours of this exotic mulch are unlike any domestically grown bark and is unique to the European Continent.

Maritime Pine has gone through rigourous screening processes to remove the vast majority of elastic and stringier particles, leaving a beautiful chipped product (similar to our British Deluxe Pine) available in four sizes:

The 8-15 grade is especially suited towards potting and for use as a reptile substrate.

The 15-25 mm grades are extremely uniform in size and appearance and make for an inspiring finish to any garden or planting scheme (As pictured above).

The 25-45 mm grade is highly decorative and provides a good middle ground between the uniformity of the 15-25mm and the larger, long lasting particle range of the 45+ grade.

All products have been steam sterilized before export making these products ideal for use with small animals and reptile vivariums ensuring no external pathogens or bugs are introduced into your enclosure.

The 15-25 and 25-45 make an ideal play area surface and are fully BSEN 1177 certified.

Looking for something larger? Check out our 45mm+ Deluxe Maritime Pine Bark Nuggets

Not what you were looking for? Try visiting our Play Surfaces listings or our range of Bark Mulch products.

Please Note: The above picture is of the 15-25 mm grading. 

You can now buy our 15-25 Grade in single bags from Amazon with free Next Day Prime Shipping directly from Amazon here


Bagged Mulch Comparison Chart
Product Durability
Bulk Bag
Price From
70L Bag
Price From
Best Price
Per Litre
Value For
Contract Ornamental 1 - 2 6 £130 £6.25 £0.08 (Small Bags) 6
Decorative Bark 2 - 3 6 £125 N/A £0.09 (Jumbo Bags) 6
Pine Play Bark 2 - 4 8 £160 £7.85 £0.11 (Small Bags) 8
Pine Play Nuggets 4 - 6 7 N/A £7.95 £0.11 (Small Bags) 8
Deluxe Maritime Pine 4 - 6 10 N/A £9.23 £0.13 (Small Bags) 10
Deluxe Pine Nuggets 5 - 8 10 £195 N/A £0.16 (Jumbo Bags) 10
Deluxe Pine Play Area Bark 5 - 8 10 £195 N/A £0.16 (Jumbo Bags) 10
Product Code: MT-NURSERY
Availability: Out Of Stock
5 reviews (5/5)  5 Reviews  
Samantha Newton from Guildford on 09/10/2023
5 reviews
A product that has a luxurious appearance and a high density and coverage. I will most certainly make further use of it.
Samantha Newton from Guildford on 09/10/2023
5 reviews
A product that has a luxurious appearance and a high density and coverage. I will most certainly make further use of it.
JonH from London on 19/03/2023
5 reviews
By far my preferred bark for soil mixes. Great consistency and a lovely dark colour. Shame it goes out of stock so regularly as I don’t have room to store bulk loads. Easy ordering and the delivery driver went the extra mile. Always happy here!
Carmen from Woking on 11/07/2022
5 reviews
Fantastic quality, great colour, exactly what I needed for my garden - no more muddy shoes and paws! The customer service was excellent as always and the delivery driver does the job with care and consideration.
Jon from London on 09/10/2021
5 reviews
Always a lovely clean bark with minimal fines. Very attractive coloration of the chips, Perfect for my needs. Always quick friendly delivery and the drivers take the time to put pallets where you need them. I couldn’t ask for more.
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