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Eco Value BS3882 10mm Blended Loam Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3

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Eco Value BS3882 10mm Blended Loam


Our Eco Value BS3882 Topsoil is a high quality manufactured sandy loam topsoil. Rich in organic matter and well stocked with all major plant nutrients.

This product is fertile, free draining and fully compliant in all aspects of the British Standard BS3882:2015 Multipurpose topsoil specifications and requirements.

Ideally suited to landscaping projects when a fertile, consistent and 'clean' planting medium is required either in the back yard or a new build construction site.

Key Features

  • Fertile - High organic content
  • Sandy Loam / Loamy Sand textural class
  • Free draining
  • Tested to BS3882:2015 & NHBC and more
  • Chemical contaminant free
  • Consistent
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Peat Free
Suitable Uses
  • Beds and Borders
  • Planting trees, shrubs and amenity grasses
  • Turfing
  • Seeding
  • Raised Beds
  • Professional landscape applications
  • Trees and Shrubs

We use quarried materials that would otherwise be unsuitable for the construction industry and give them a purpose and value thus diverting them away from landfill and utilising the natural resources available to us.

We use PAS100 certified green compost in our soil blends because it is a fully sustainable, quality compost which is good for the environment and recycling economy.

By having direct access to the manufacturing process we are able to keep costs to an absolute minimum and provide a high quality material at a budget friendly economy price.

Landscape Application Comparison Chart
Category Score More Information
General Planting 8/10 Well stocked with organic matter in all major plant nutrients. Free draining. No additional compost required for first growing season.
Specific Planting 8/10 Suitable for a wide range of applications where fertile, pH tolerant or alkaline preferring soils are required.
Growing Home Produce 8/10 Well stocked in all major plant nutrients and free draining. Tested to industry standards.
Turfing 7/10 Useable for general turf applications; providing there are no specific requirements.
Seeding 7/10 Useable for general seeding applications.
Landscape Construction & Raising Levels 1/10 High organic content increases chances of settlement.

This product is not suitable for Sports fields or acid loving plants.

Compliance to current specifications and guidelines

  • BS3882:2015 Multi Purpose Grade
  • NHBC
  • Residential with Home grown Produce
  • Residential without home grown produce
  • Public Open space – Residential (POSresi)
  • Allotment
  • Commercial

Additional Soil Assessment Criteria

As well as the standard testing required for BS3882:2015/subsoils BS8601:2013 we also test to determine the levels of potential contaminants in relation to the topsoil end use. We have tested our soil against the residential end use listed Sustainable for Use Levels (S4UL’s) in the Land Quality Management / Chartered Institute for Environmental Health Human Health Risk Assessment 2015.  We also take guidance of contaminants Suggested Guideline Values from:

  • DEFRA sp1010 Cat 4 2014
  • Dutch Action Value (DAV)
  • BRE Special Digest 1:205 (BRE)
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

Of the potential contaminates identified using the above guidance none of the results exceeded the guideline values. If there is site specific criteria we recommend independent testing and are happy to separately stockpile individual orders for separate testing to ensure consistency with site specific criteria.

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36 reviews (4.9/5)  36 Reviews  
Rick Elliott from Bristol on 06/07/2021
36 reviews
A product that I have ordered before from CPA. Exactly the same reliable product, with exactly the same quick delivery. What's not to like?
Al Brown from Pershore on 28/06/2021
36 reviews
Great value sandy loam ideal ammendment to clay heavy soil
John Elliott from Diss on 17/05/2021
36 reviews
Great service again and again , excellent product and delivery
Paul from Forest of Dean on 25/04/2021
36 reviews
Arrived on the correct day with driver calling ahead before delivery. The product itself looks and feels fantastic and was easy to work into its location ad it wasn't waterlogged like topsoil I have had from other reputable suppliers.
Alla Vecele from Chichester West Sussex on 11/04/2021
36 reviews
I found this very good for putting in my polytunnel for growing my vegetables and flowers, I have used some in my garden as well and am impressed with how well the soil has been graded to get rid of stones. There are a few little bits of twigs and little splinters of stones but all in all very good product and will buy More of the same.
Al B from Pershore on 30/03/2021
36 reviews
great sandy loam as described
L Green from East Yorks on 28/03/2021
36 reviews
Super topsoil. Nice soft texture with no lumpy surprises. Looks great on my new borders. My shrubs look happy already. Highly recommend and would order again. Thankyou!
L Green from East Yorks on 28/03/2021
36 reviews
Super topsoil, nice soft texture with no horrible surprises. Great for borders. My new shrubs look happy already. Highly recommend, thankyou!
Al Brown from Pershore on 12/03/2021
36 reviews
very friable good quality loam as advertised
john elliott from Diss on 09/03/2021
36 reviews
Good service and product
Angel from Liverpool on 27/02/2021
36 reviews
Good product and excellent delivery!
Angel from Liverpool on 27/02/2021
36 reviews
Good quality soil and excellent delivery process. I will order more from here when I need more. Excellent value for money!
J Stretton from West Wickham on 07/02/2021
36 reviews
Great quality product and superb service
Darren from Warrington on 14/12/2020
36 reviews
Arrived on the day I asked. the loam-based soil is absolutely perfect every gardener`s dream soil type looking forward to planting it up.
David Cousins from Eastleigh on 12/10/2020
36 reviews
We ordered 4 grab backs of this topsoil, which was delivered exactly when stated. Very good quality topsoil that we have used for filling our new raised beds.
C Musgrove from Midhurst on 04/09/2020
36 reviews
The top soil was excellent quality. It arrived on time with a helpful and courteous delivery service. Thank you. I will certainly order more of it
Sarah from Lancaster on 23/08/2020
36 reviews
Nice quality soil, delivered speedily by a very pleasant driver who was efficient and helpful. Good value for money - I would definitely recommend this product and company.
Steve from Market Harborough on 03/08/2020
36 reviews
A great product. The plants love it.
Stefoknee from Ross on wye on 19/06/2020
36 reviews
Fabulous! Fine, no sticks / lumps/etc. Very pourable. Much better quality than the “multipurpose compost” supposedly fit for potting and seeds I bought from a garden centre that had sticks in it!) Never again will i go to a garden centre and buy a bag! I simply mixed / topped with mushroom compost, Lush. This is great. Big bag delivered by a cheerful helpful driver without problem. Ace communications with company. Cannot recommend too highly
Beverley Blay from Bossingham on 12/05/2020
36 reviews
Really pleased with this. Delivery driver was so helpful too. Would definitely use again. Looking forward to ordering some compost too.
Ash Richards from Loughborough on 09/07/2019
36 reviews
Very good quality product and pretty fast delivery had no problems and no fuss highly recommend and shall be using again in the future thanks
Ash Richard's from Loughborough on 09/07/2019
36 reviews
Brilliant quality soil and very good delivery no problems and no fuss highly recommended
Stephen Williams from Milton Keynes on 23/05/2019
36 reviews
Very good condition and not lumpy at all no stones either very good value for money have already recommended to 3 people 1 bulk bag was not enough and only need another half a bulk bag shame they don't do half bags
A Midgley from Leicester on 08/03/2019
36 reviews
Good product and good customer service. From a sustainability/environmental point of view It is a shame the carrier won't take away previous pallets.
Mrs Hand from Kent on 21/10/2018
36 reviews
Nice dark soil and very efficient delivery. Very pleased with this purchase, will definitely buy again.
White from Chester on 12/10/2018
36 reviews
Good quality top soil will use again
simon from Bath on 06/10/2018
36 reviews
Fantastic soil, used a ton bag for dressing the lawn before turfing on top. It was like black gold. I will be buying a lot more soil from CPA for my raised bed project
Mike from Pershore on 24/09/2018
36 reviews
Topsoil met spec, good value and delivered on specified day. Time will tell how clean it is weed wise.
Geoff from Exmouth on 19/09/2018
36 reviews
Well pleased with top soil, this is the third time I have ordered it.
Mr j malone from Chippenham on 02/07/2018
36 reviews
Simply the best topsoil I have ever had delivered. Tried CPA for the first time and ordered 2 builder bags for a new project. The delivery was on time and the driver couldnt be more helpful. But it was the quality of the soil that impressed. Zero stones or any other detritus, just top quality top soil. A part of Wales will forever be in Chippenham! Thanks CPA.
R Dezzutti from Wembley on 01/07/2018
36 reviews
To much plastic and twigs in soil so i had to pick them out had no choice to, then had to buy wicks top soil to cover over loam soil
Geoff from Exmouth on 18/06/2018
36 reviews
Topsoil looks very good quality with a great tilth
JRob from Royston on 18/06/2018
36 reviews
Very happy with quality of the soil and delivery process. Palletways could teach the big boys a thing or two about the tracking process. Would use again.
Lisa Brown from Chessington on 19/10/2017
36 reviews
very good value for money, great service.
Nobuto from Sevenoaks on 19/10/2016
36 reviews
Ordered the second batch as I liked the product from the first order. This bulk had some rough part mixed with twigs (40mm)& small stones (10mm), clearly different from the rest of the finer soil. Looked like I got a part which wasn't mixed/grinder(?) enough. Used them for a less delicate part of my garden. The delivery didn't come on the day I specified so I had to contact the company to check what was happening. Hope no more of these problems because I still think this is a good value for money.
Nobuto from Sevenoaks on 23/09/2016
36 reviews
Arrived on the day I requested and the driver was very nice. Great value for money and do the job perfectly well.
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