• 10 x 25L Approx 250L
    £80.00 ex. VAT
  • 1 x Builders Bag Approx 700L
    £90.00 ex. VAT
  • 15 x 25L Approx 375L
    £91.67 ex. VAT
  • 20 x 25L Approx 500L
    £100.00 ex. VAT
  • 30 x 25L Approx 750L
    £125.00 ex. VAT
  • 40 x 25L Approx 1000L
    £129.17 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Premium Planting Loam Calculator

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Premium Planting Loam


Premium Planting Loam is our new flag ship blended growing media and has been tested and accredited by the UK’s leading soil scientist.  

This high quality blended Topsoil is designed to have optimal reserves of organic matter and available nutrients, to drain freely and provide a stable, balanced planting environment.

The rounded nutritional profile, together with a high organic content and neutral pH make this ideally suited to demanding applications such as raised beds, allotments, planters and tiered beds and borders.

This product has good structural properties that allow for maximum aeration and drainage whilst still offering good water retention.

Key Features

  • Scientifically verified
  • High in Organic Matter
  • Balanced Neutral pH
  • Full of available nutrients
  • Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
  • 10mm Screened
  • Friable
  • Free Draining
  • Easy to use
  • No additional compost recommended
  • Peat Free
  • Non manure based
  • Aminopyralid free
  • Suitable for immediate planting
Suitable Uses
  • Raised Beds
  • Planters
  • Allotments
  • High profile landscaping schemes
  • Fruit and Veg
  • Hungry Beds and Borders
  • Trees and Shrubs

Premium Planting Loam is made from a blend of the some of the finest natural and manufactured topsoil’s available in the country today. These are blended together with additional certified organic matter to create a rich and balanced high quality growing media.

These materials have been carefully selected based on their unique horticultural properties and guaranteed “clean” chemical analysis. So that you can be confident in this product whether you are home growing produce for your family or on a demanding professional landscaping project.

Nationwide delivery available in 0.7m3 bulk bags, 25ltr bags and 10 tonne or more loose loads available predominantly to the South East of England.

Landscape Application Comparison Chart
Category Score More Information
General Planting 10/10 Well stocked in all major plant nutrients. Balanced NPK Levels, Neutral pH and free draining.
Specific Planting 10/10 Ideal for Raised Beds, Allotments, Planters, Hungry beds and Borders.
Growing Home Produce 10/10 Perfectly suited, High organic content, neutral pH, guarenteed chemically clean. Tested for use in allotment and home grown produce situations.
Turfing 5/10 Ideal as a light topdressing prior to turfing applications. Not recommended at depth.
Seeding 6/10 Suitable for seeds requiring high fertility growing mediums.
Landscape Construction & Raising Levels 1/10 Very high organic content increases chances of significant settlement.

Compliance to current specifications and guidelines

  • BS3882:2015 Multi Purpose Grade
  • NHBC
  • Residential with Home grown Produce
  • Residential without home grown produce
  • Public Open space – Residential (POSresi)
  • Allotment
  • Commercial

Additional Soil Assessment Criteria

As well as the standard testing required for BS3882:2015/subsoils BS8601:2013 we also test to determine the levels of potential contaminants in relation to the topsoil end use. We have tested our soil against the residential end use listed Sustainable for Use Levels (S4UL’s) in the Land Quality Management / Chartered Institute for Environmental Health Human Health Risk Assessment 2015.  We also take guidance of contaminants Suggested Guideline Values from:

  • DEFRA sp1010 Cat 4 2014
  • Dutch Action Value (DAV)
  • BRE Special Digest 1:205 (BRE)
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

Of the potential contaminates identified using the above guidance none of the results exceeded the guideline values. If there is site specific criteria we recommend independent testing and are happy to separately stockpile individual orders for separate testing to ensure consistency with site specific criteria.

Product Code: PPL
Availability: In Stock
25 reviews (5/5)  25 Reviews  
Karen from Leeds on 21/04/2022
25 reviews
Fine topsoil with lovely fertile smell. Delivered on the day chosen. As I had to go out, I rang CPA and they were able to tell me a two hour window during which the delivery was likely to arrive which was very useful.
Martin from Penryn on 14/04/2022
25 reviews
Very good looking soil. It's on the heavy side for moving about, because of the sand content, but it's worth.
John Williams from Bridgend on 29/03/2022
25 reviews
Great product and service
Carol from Cheshire on 20/02/2022
25 reviews
Prompt courteous delivery. Very happy with product. Consistent quality across all four bags. Many thanks.
Paul from London on 11/02/2022
25 reviews
The soil was of good quality and delivered on time. This is the second time I have used cpa.
Dave B from Newtown on 06/02/2022
25 reviews
Excellent product and service as always. Highly recommended.
Simon Collier from East Yorkshire on 13/01/2022
25 reviews
Soil appears to be very good when it was transferred from bulk bag to the raised beds. No impurities were were found in the soil. Delivery very good, communication and placement of bag onto front drive were spot on.
Simon Collier from East Yorkshire on 13/01/2022
25 reviews
The condition of the soil appears to be very good when it was transferred from the bulk bag to the raised beds. No impurities were found in the soil, the structure is uniform throughout the bulk bag.
Rosie Cooke from Poole on 13/07/2021
25 reviews
Very pleased with this, arrived on time and the consistency is great for us. We've spread it (mixed in 2:1 ratio with 2 parts of the Premium Planting Loam to 1 part Mushroom Compost) across our 3 x raised veg beds and it certainly seems to be doing the trick, - everything growing well and looking / tasting very healthy. Much better value buying like this than smaller bags. We filled 3no. 3m x 1.2m beds with the 2 bags loam and 1 bag of Mushroom Compost, and still had enough extra to do a couple of the garden borders so am also pleased with the calculator on the website as was really quite accurate. Will certainly buy again next year when we have to do a top up mulch and have already recommended to the father-in-law!
Pauline from Reigate on 01/06/2021
25 reviews
We have ordered quite a few times from CPA Horticulture and we are always very pleased and satisfied with what we receive. We can recommend them from our experiences.
Frank from Hereford on 25/05/2021
25 reviews
Really top quality product and service. Perfect dressing and planting material.
Martin from Cornwall on 13/05/2021
25 reviews
This is my first order. I'm really pleased with it. The premium planting loam looks and feels excellent. The delivery went smoothly, and the delivery driver was excellent. If your unsure about ordering, I would say go ahead and order. You would be hard pressed to find a better product.
Clare from Glasgow on 13/05/2021
25 reviews
Excellent service - easy ordering, clear emails and good communication about when delivery would take place. Driver was courteous and helpful depositing the loam. Would recommend.
Jason from Stroud on 08/05/2021
25 reviews
This was my second bag and looks consistent compared to the first. Nice product.
Jason from Stroud on 17/04/2021
25 reviews
Reliable and courteous delivery from Andy Lee Transport. Product looks good- nice fine consistency with virtually to clumps.
Nan from Gwynedd on 05/04/2021
25 reviews
Excellent product, would recommend and would order again.
Jack from Chessington on 04/02/2021
25 reviews
Delivery swift, ordering simple. The multi-purpose was great, and had a fine texture. The loam was very good too.
Kirsty Brooks from Pocklington on 14/12/2020
25 reviews
Great quality and delivery spot on.
Neil from Bimingham on 30/10/2020
25 reviews
This is my second delivery of planting loam which proves how good it seems to be to me! Ordering was easy and delivery (via TPN and then Hampson Haulage) was first rate, as before.
Neil McLellan from Birmingham on 05/10/2020
25 reviews
Just what I needed to plant up a new 10m hedge in poor ground. Seems to be an excellent product (though I can't judge growing results yet) and if it proves as successful as other products I've used from CPA I shall be delighted. Delivery prompt and efficient as usual.
Ian from Southampton on 14/09/2020
25 reviews
I bought this together with a bag of compost. Appears to be good quality, but will need to wait to see the veg? These two bags filled two and a half raised beds (2.4x1.2m).
Ian from Bristol on 02/09/2020
25 reviews
Purchase was easy and it arrived as scheduled with no fuss.
Lucy French from Hereford on 25/08/2020
25 reviews
Great quality topsoil as always
Chris from derby on 25/08/2020
25 reviews
just what we were after for our raised beds and delivery guy was really helpful
Lucy French from Hereford on 11/08/2020
25 reviews
Great product. Quite sandy but virtually no stuff you don’t want in there. We’ve had 5 bags and it all seems good.
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