Deluxe Maritime 45+ Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
  • Mini Pack (10 x 70L) Approx 700L
    £108.33 ex. VAT
  • Convenience Pack (20 x 70L) Approx 1400L
    £162.50 ex. VAT
  • Midi Pack (30 x 70L) Approx 2100L
    £216.67 ex. VAT
  • Full Pallet (39 x 70L) Approx 2730L
    £245.83 ex. VAT
  • Micro Pack (5 x 70L) Approx 350L
    £87.50 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Deluxe Maritime 45+

Our Deluxe Maritime Bark 45+ has been imported from Spain and Portugal and is an attractive rustic looking material made up of large nuggets of bark ranging from 45mm scaling up to 100+ mm.

Our 45+ Bark Nuggets are the largest ornamental bark chunks commercially available in this country.

These sometimes fist sized nuggets are very long lasting and will take many years to decompose compared to traditional native barks. 

Due to its large chunks, We would recommend planning to lay this material at a minimum of three inches depth or 75mm in metric.

This grade of bark has not been certified for use in play areas. We would recommend our standard grades of Deluxe Maritime Pine which you can view here or you can view the full range here.

This material also makes an excellent Bio Filtration media.


Product Code: MT45P
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29 reviews (4.9/5)  29 Reviews  
Cherryl Nickson from Preston on 14/02/2021
29 reviews
Really solid bark, that I know will last and look good, quite an outlay price wise but worth it, placed on a pathway through the garden,
dermot mullins from bournemouth on 15/12/2020
29 reviews
it's not the cheapest product on the market. however the quality was excellent (apart from the rubber glove and various large cones amongst the bark ) delivered on time and with a driver with a pallet truck that enabled the goods to be easily moved to where I needed them.
John from Yorkshire on 12/12/2020
29 reviews
Great chippings. These were a top up to the mulch type and these are amazing. The large chunks give a real contrast and the colour is fabulous too.
Mark from Cambridge on 25/11/2020
29 reviews
Nice looking product. Actually needed twice the amount I originally calculated
Aidan from Tadley on 02/11/2020
29 reviews
Delivered on schedule. Product is exactly as described and what I wanted. Just finished laying it and looks great.
Robbie Jackson from Tewkesbury on 29/10/2020
29 reviews
Great product. Im buying more.
MAC from SHEFFORD on 20/09/2020
29 reviews
Fantastic product. Looks amazing. Delivery was prompt and on time.
Jean Pinnegar from Coventry on 16/09/2020
29 reviews
So pleased with the nuggets it has really enhanced my garden. No problem lifting the bags. Just ordered another half pallet for my back garden. Great delivery service arrived on time, very helpful delivery driver.
Jennifer from Marshfield on 15/09/2020
29 reviews
Great service. Great products.
RJ McDonald from Clacton-On-Sea on 15/09/2020
29 reviews
Excellent product. Looks good when laid and does not blow away. The driver was very helpful and put it just inside the side gate where we wanted it. Very good service all round.
RON AND SAL from Leeds on 15/09/2020
29 reviews
Arrived on time. Driver was helpful and able to place the half palletor 21 bags so not to cause an obstruction on street. it was light enough to easily carry to area to be covered. Beautiful large bricks easily placed to cover large areas. We appreciated the occasional beautiful stones and a large pine cone found with the bark. We hope the bark will detour the cats that liked our soft soil.We found the best part, was not having the bark blow around when mowing the lawn. We have ordered another 15 bags to finish covering our borders. The person at the end of phone was pleasant and helpful as we did not want a full half pallet 21 and more than smaller choice 10. The redish looks beautiful in contrast to the green shrubs.amd red brick wall. Wish we knew about this bark years ago. Thank you !!!!
Mohammed Razaq from Sunderland on 21/08/2020
29 reviews
Excellent product, just what I had been looking for, seamless ordering and delivery. thank you, ill be back for more of the same.
Mike from Kenilworth on 15/08/2020
29 reviews
Excellent product - quite uniform in size (very chunky) with attractive colour. There were two or three rocks but considering the quantity ordered this is excusable. Would order again.
John from Colchester on 13/08/2020
29 reviews
Took a calculated decision to buy this product unseen in the real world and I am very happy I did as this, once put down looks fantastic. Different sized pieces from 45mm upwards to 100nm in a deep red/brown colour, with minimal dust and none bark articles within it. Easy to put down, beautiful to look at and very practical in covering the membrane underneath. I am expecting little or no unwanted growth of weeds or problems with this bark. As for cost, it is costly however having looked in the real world what is on offer I am very happy given the lovely effect it has on the garden to pay the price, it would appear you get what you pay for Delivery was excellent
Andrew from London on 12/08/2020
29 reviews
This beautiful stuff. Large chunks richly coloured. It loks impressive. Ordering was easy and the pallet came when they said it would. Staff were helpful, photographing the this dry and wet and sending them to me.
Caroline from Hindhead on 31/07/2020
29 reviews
I bought a full pallet of the Deluxe Maritime 54+ decorative bark to cover the ground under a stumpery and and area in front of our entrance walls, which is almost constantly in the shade and nothing grows particularly well. It looks amazing and have just ordered another half pallet to finish off. I have never seen bark that looks this good. Great service, delivered on schedule and no problems with the driver getting down out single track lane. Would highly recommend CPA Horticulture for both product quality and service.
Lynne Sly from Haywards Heath on 25/07/2020
29 reviews
This is my 2nd order of this bark. It is most definitely the best bark l have ever ordered. It is continuously admired by my neighbours. Looks a fabulous rich colour in the rain. Great service from CPA. The delivery driver was fantastic in what was not a easy place for him to unload a true professional. Thank you.
L. Sly from Haywards Heath on 03/07/2020
29 reviews
Great product, looks fantastic. Brings your garden back to life as all the plants seem to stand out more. Would definitely recommend. Delivery driver was very helpful. Excellent customer service from CPA when l telephoned with a query. Faultless service all round. Thank you.
Richard from Lytham on 30/06/2020
29 reviews
Excellent communication around the delivery. Product high quality exactly as described.
Richard from Lytham on 30/06/2020
29 reviews
Excellent communication around the delivery. Arrived on time exactly as described. A good quality product.
Jim from Dunfermline on 28/06/2020
29 reviews
Delighted with the Delux Maritime pine 45+ bark which looks great and has generated lots of complimentary comments from people walking past and stopping to admire the look and quality of the product. The ordering process and subsequent delivery on the agreed date were spot on. Thanks to all at CPA Horticulture.
Tim from Surrey on 26/06/2020
29 reviews
Lovely quality. The bags are also less heavy than you might think. Anyone could carry one, and 4 in a wheelie bin was a good way to get them down a narrow side path. Helpful driver (nb the delivery company website failed to say "out for delivery", but they still arrived.)
pamela young from Dumfries on 18/08/2019
29 reviews
When will 45+ nuggets be available
David Hembrow from Taunton on 01/04/2019
29 reviews
I am very pleased with the service provided , and also pleased with the product . It looks so good ,and will definitely enhance the look of my garden .
David Hembrow from Taunton on 01/04/2019
29 reviews
I am very satisfied with your service . I was able to track my order , each day ,and it was delivered on the day that you promised . The delivery man , was very polite and helpful . I also think that my order , was good value .
Waby from Grantham on 23/03/2019
29 reviews
Lovely lovely lovely exactly what been looking for thanks
Waby from Grantham on 23/03/2019
29 reviews
Lovely lovely lovely couldn't be happier thanks just need to get some more.
Jacqueline Cook from Tunbridge Wells on 20/03/2019
29 reviews
Excellent product. Just what we were looking for. Very attractive and does not blow away. The driver was very helpful and put it just where we wanted it. Very good service all round. Thank you CPA.
T.Marsh from Sheffield on 13/12/2018
29 reviews
Excellent product. Stops the weeds. We have had avery strong wind and it has not blown away or gravitated down the hill.
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