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Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
  • 1 x Bulk Bag Approx 1000L
    £104.17 ex. VAT
  • 20 x 40L Approx 800L
    £124.33 ex. VAT
  • 45 x 40L Approx 1800L
    £183.33 ex. VAT
  • 10 x 40L Approx 400L
    £100.00 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
Please Note: Delivery charges apply for Scotland, Wales, Northern England, London and the South West of England. Read More.

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Ericaceous Compost

Low pH Compost for Acid-Loving Plants

CPA Horticulture's ericaceous compost is specially designed to promote the healthy growth of plants which thrive in low pH environments.

Our ericaceous compost also helps create strong, healthy plants by promoting early root growth, and by enriching the soil and retaining moisture – providing lime-averse plants with ideal growing conditions in which to thrive.

Ericaceous Compost: The Benefits

  • Specially formulated for acid-loving and lime-averse plants
  • Promotes healthy root growth
  • Improves soil structure
  • Helps to retain moisture
  • Provides balanced nutrition


Product Composition

  • Ericaceous compost
  • pH: 4 - 5
  • Moisture: 62% w/w fresh
  • Particle Size: 100% < 25mm
  • Conductivity: 1300 µ siemens/cm    

CPA Horticulture's ericaceous compost is available in loose bulk, bulk bags, and 25Kg plain bags. If you are looking to resell our compost commercially.

For more information, please get in touch with us today.

Product Code: WEC
Availability: In Stock
36 reviews (4.8/5)  36 Reviews  
Rosetta from London on 12/04/2021
36 reviews
Ericaceous compost soil mix with peat, 750kg, arrived in good shape after a few hiccups at depot causing a few day delay, good communication with CPA and delivery company is appreciated however. A builder's bag is filled to 3/4 or so, seems the right amount. Crucially, the compost soil mix is dry, consistent so far (no strange objects near the top later), of good slightly fluffy texture and the right kind of dark brown colour, it over all has a reassuring appearance (to my non-expert-frequent-user eyes), so I have high hope for my acer and blueberries, and magnolia. I am somewhat relieved although still feel the pain of the price a little (noting this being a special purpose compost). I would like it to be peat free in future please CPA team...
Larry Tucker from Bishop’s Stortford on 27/03/2021
36 reviews
Lovely stuff! Very easy and efficient service. Driver put exactly where we wanted it.
Dawn from Oxford on 12/03/2021
36 reviews
Great quality product delivered efficiently.
Dana from Manchester on 15/02/2021
36 reviews
Great product, smooth transaction, great customer service.
Trevor Fossey from SLEAFORD on 15/01/2021
36 reviews
Great compost, Good texture. Delivered on time, pallet truck driver was amazing (deep snow). Will definitely use company again.
Dave from Banbury on 30/09/2020
36 reviews
Excellent compost, perfect tilth with no lumps, twigs or litter that you get in a lot of online compost. Arrived on the day it was scheduled. Dry and easy to handle.
P.R. from Hove on 06/09/2020
36 reviews
Efficient ordering and delivery. One huge plain bag will need to be slowly emptied from front drive to rear garden but will order again from them. Very pleased.
ian from chard on 24/08/2020
36 reviews
Good product for potting on and planting out. Bags are ideal size for ease of use
Phil from Chichester on 09/08/2020
36 reviews
Very pleased with the quality of the compost and the delivery service.
Andrew from Manchester on 05/12/2019
36 reviews
Great product, well stacked in strong bags, ideal
Will from Hartlepool on 28/02/2019
36 reviews
Bulk bag was packed to the limit and wrapped over with black polythene to keep the compost from getting too wet if it rained. Looks like an excellent product and I am looking forward to see my rhododendrons take off after stagnating for several years in the wrong type of soil.
Alan Dunstan from Reading on 24/12/2018
36 reviews
It was easy to order and arrange delivery on line. Needed to check delivery options as Xmas break suggested 7th January. Spoke to HQ and we agreed 21st or 3rd January. This call was on 19th December. Two pallets arrived on 21st. Driver was very helpful. Great first experience. Will order more next year.
Brian from London on 22/10/2018
36 reviews
This looks to be excellent stuff - friable, good colour and with substance. Too early to say what the plants will make of it!
Tracey from Carmarthen on 25/08/2018
36 reviews
Excellent service, price, delivery and product.
Tracey from Carmarthen on 25/08/2018
36 reviews
Excellent service from start to finish. Easy to order, and calculate amount needed. Kept up to date with delivery. Delivery was excellent and product is wonderful. Came dry and thergire esduer to move. Would definitely use again and will recommend to others. Almost don't want to plant anything it it as it looks so tidy!!
David Langton from Teignmouth on 11/02/2018
36 reviews
My second order. Very good. Delivery updates very helpful.
David Langton from Teignmouth on 02/02/2018
36 reviews
Excellent. So much better than you get from garden centres and cheaper
Trish from Woking on 20/06/2017
36 reviews
Lovely quality ericaceous compost and well packed. The compost arrived dry so it was much lighter than it would otherwise have been. The delivery was on the day specified with an hours notice by phone from the driver, who made the effort to offload exactly where we asked him too.
Mary from LYMINGTON on 14/03/2017
36 reviews
This is the third load of this compost that I have ordered. It is great and the CPL service is excellent.
Louie from Holbeach on 04/03/2017
36 reviews
Great service, thank you very much.
Paul Angelides from Nottingham on 30/01/2017
36 reviews
Excellent service as always. Swift delivery, good communication and good quality compost.
Tito Perez-Valido from London on 06/12/2016
36 reviews
Great service and quick delivery
Elizabeth from Cambridge on 25/06/2016
36 reviews
Very quick delivery, originally ordered for Friday but they managed to change the delivery to Wednesday instead. Great customer service, looking forward to planting our plants in the soil today!
Bryan Donald from Loughborough on 22/06/2016
36 reviews
3rd purchase this year and everything from the ordering to delivery and the product itself is excellent. Only slight downside is the weight of the pallets and quality of the pallets - latest pallet broken, so we had to "hand - ball" the bags 30 metres.
Chris Blow from Saham Toney on 20/05/2016
36 reviews
Good quality compost at a good price quickly delivered by a driver who took the trouble to put the pallet where I asked him to
Mary from Lymington on 17/05/2016
36 reviews
This was the 2nd bulk bag I've had. Good quality and easier to deal with in bulk as I find the bags too heavy. Good, prompt delivery.
Paul Angelides from Nottingham on 29/04/2016
36 reviews
Very good and efficient service and delivery. Compost of high standard and I am a returning customer.
Louise Ford from Worcester Park on 22/04/2016
36 reviews
Our azaleas and rhododendrons love the soil and the driver was very polite on delivery
Louise Ford from Worcester Park on 22/04/2016
36 reviews
The best soil ever for azaleas and rhododendrons and Japanese maples they love this soil and the consignment was delivered on time and the driver was very polite on delivery
martin from hertfordshire on 10/10/2015
36 reviews
very pleased with the product, looks very good stuff. great service from time of order to delivery many thanks
John Dawson from Shepton Mallet on 15/06/2015
36 reviews
Product looks good. However I specified a 7.5 ton truck because of our access situation. An 18 ton vehicle was used such that my wife had to assist the driver in man-handling the pallet and I had to spend a couple of hours decanting the dumpy bag into a wheel barrow and pushing it the last 50 yards.
john from brentwood on 21/05/2015
36 reviews
As a trade customer i found the product and service very good, was not aware it would be in plain bags but not really a problem
john from brentwood on 21/05/2015
36 reviews
We are a commercial customer and are pleased with the product and service. Did not expect plain bags but n9t the end of the world!
Paul Bellis from Dorset on 04/05/2015
36 reviews
Good compost - hope our magnolia and rhododendrens enjoy it. A shame the delivery driver drove over the paving stones next to our back door and cracked three of them despite an very wide driveway and farmyard to manoevering.
Chrisi from Shepton Mallet on 17/02/2015
36 reviews
Looks really good stuff. Hope my rhododendrons do well in the new bed. One pallet was badly stacked and caused the delivery driver a problem. Fortunately my gardener was there so he helped unload 1/2 the pallet manually.
Jen from London on 07/03/2014
36 reviews
Our azaleas and rhododendrons loved it!!!
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