Border Bark Chippings Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
  • Mini Pack (10 x 70L) Approx. 700 Litres
    £83.34 ex. VAT
  • 1 x Bulk Bag Approx. 1000 Litres
    £95.83 ex. VAT
  • Small Pack (15 x 70L) Approx. 1050 Litres
    £100.00 ex. VAT
  • Convenience Pack (20 x 70L) Approx. 1400 Litres
    £120.83 ex. VAT
  • 2 x Bulk Bag (Stacked) Approx. 2000 Litres
    £133.33 ex. VAT
  • Midi Pack (30 x 70L) Approx. 2100 Litres
    £150.00 ex. VAT
  • Value Pack (40 x 70L) Approx. 2800 Litres
    £170.83 ex. VAT
  • Sample Bag Approx. 0.5 Litres
    £2.50 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
Please Note: Delivery charges apply for Scotland, Wales, Northern England, London and the South West of England. Read More.

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Border Bark Chippings

Our Border Bark chippings have a particle size of 5-35mm and offers great value for money. It is an economical ornamental bark mulch that performs well!

Sourced from mixed conifer with a large percentage of spruce and pine, it is best suited for landscaping projects where budget and appearance are crucial.

This bark chip has a dark appearance and is easy to install. Border bark 5-35mm is most economical when delivered in large loose loads making it a favourite with contractors nationwide.


  • Excellent value loose
  • Dark colour
  • Economical
  • Free flowing
  • Retains water 
  • Provides nutrients to soil beneath
  • Free from all foreign matters such as glass, plastic and metals.
  • Free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds.
Product Code: BBARK
Availability: In Stock
42 reviews (4.8/5)  42 Reviews  |  Write a review
Ken from Stoke on 06/03/2019
42 reviews
Very good service,delivered inside timeslot,bark good quality and goes further than i expected,,,thank you
David Latimer from London on 28/02/2019
42 reviews
Happy with the quality of the ornamental bark chippings and the price.
Simon from Horsmonden on 27/02/2019
42 reviews
Good quality. The lorry wasn't the 7.5 ton asked for but we sorted it out between us
David Stuart from Wisbech on 20/02/2019
42 reviews
I have found CPA Hort a top class supplier. Only this week they delivered bang on time 6 pallets of bark (we have large borders!) and I know compared to my previous supplier I saved a pretty penny. Opened a bag and the bark looks good quality. What more could you want from a supplier.
Malcolm from Spilsby on 23/09/2018
42 reviews
Just finished using the mulch.I am very pleased with it and the result and bout to order more.
Jane Petrou from Maidenhead on 22/08/2018
42 reviews
Excellent product and service. This is my second order of border bark and I am sure I will be back for more.
Jane Petrou from Maidenhead on 22/08/2018
42 reviews
Excellent product and service. This is my second order of Border Bark and I am sure I will be back for more.
Craig from Woking on 01/07/2018
42 reviews
Driver phoned as no one was home to make sure he left the bark in a convenient place. Very happy with the quality of the product, would definitely recommend
Rod Wilson from Cuddington on 31/05/2018
42 reviews
Good quality and pleasing to the eye
Kevin from Barnstaple on 28/05/2018
42 reviews
Ordered the midi pack of decorative bark - it has a high quality, consistent appearance and has transformed an unsightly area in the garden
Iain from Southampton on 25/05/2018
42 reviews
As some would say "Proper job".
Allan from Sevenoaks on 16/05/2018
42 reviews
Excellent delivery time . Price great . Neighbours helped to transfer to garden
Graham Cooper from Worksop on 16/05/2018
42 reviews
Delivered as promised and well packaged . Looks very good just about to order some more
C Plummer from Maidstone on 13/03/2018
42 reviews
Really pleased with the product, we will be ordering more. Thank you.
Robinson from Radstock on 27/11/2017
42 reviews
Delivery came a day early but very pleaded with the quality of the bark chips.
Susan Robinson from Radstock on 27/11/2017
42 reviews
Luckily we were at home as delivery came on a different day than chosen bu we were very pleased with the quality of the bark chips.
James from London on 11/09/2017
42 reviews
Very good quality. Much better than I expected. Will definitely be ordering more of this product
tony marshall from peterborough on 12/06/2017
42 reviews
i found the delivery and service was good and contacts very helpful
Janette from Norwich on 08/06/2017
42 reviews
Great service and great value. Will certainly be shopping here again.
Janette from Norwich on 07/06/2017
42 reviews
Great service and value. Very happy with everything.
Tony from Brixham on 17/05/2017
42 reviews
Excellent product and service. Highly recommended.
mary wright from ashtead on 16/04/2017
42 reviews
Everything was fine. Delivery came when I wasn't here but no problems and nicely stacked on the drive in the corner. Thank you for your efficient service.
Mary Wright from Ashtead on 16/04/2017
42 reviews
Everything was fine. Although it was delivered earlier than expected and I wasn't here (not a problem) it was safely delivered and neatly stacked and I was very happy with the service.
Mary Wright from Ashtead on 16/04/2017
42 reviews
Everything was fine. Although it was delivered earlier than expected amd I wasn't there (not a problem) It was delivered and stacked efficiently. Thank you for your efficient service.
Fern Ember from Lincoln on 04/02/2017
42 reviews
Good customer service, happy to change delivery times and amounts when asked. Delivery company in Lincoln were very good - the driver was very helpful. Quality of the barks is excellent.
Grant from Reading on 27/06/2016
42 reviews
Good quality bark pieces of a nice even size. Easy to handle bag sizes. Web side was easy to use giving bag sizes and all price options
Celia from Newark on 04/06/2016
42 reviews
Good quality and plenty of it.
Steve from Portsmouth on 13/05/2016
42 reviews
Very pleased with the product , arrived when it should have. The only problem I now have is getting rid of the pallet it came on. Would be happy to use company again.
Tony Oliver from Reading on 10/05/2016
42 reviews
As expected, good grading and no foreign debris. Consistent colour and size. A few bags at the bottom of the pallet torn. Driver was pretty helpful. However it was delivered on saturday when scheduled for monday. As it happened I was in which was fortunate. The 70L bags weigh ~15kg each and I could fit 3 in my wheelbarrow. It took me about an hour per pallet (40 bags) to move 50yards to my garden.
Jean P Ledger from EASTBOURNE on 31/03/2016
42 reviews
Fantastic quality mulch - driver very helpful. Cannot fault the service and very competitive.
Tom Hunt from Minehead on 07/03/2016
42 reviews
Excellent service AND delivery
Gavan from Sevenoaks on 02/03/2016
42 reviews
A second delivery of excellent value for money bark. The border look sgreat
Gavan from Otford on 16/10/2015
42 reviews
Second order of the same material, very efficient and changing delivery dates was not problem. It looks good on the garden and smells nice too. It seems to be a good product. The second order was delivered promptly too, though the driver this time was less helpful than before; it would have been nice if he had moved the previous order to one side as we now have a second less movable order in the way on the drive. We will just have to get it on the garden soon!
Gavan from Otford on 21/09/2015
42 reviews
Prompt delivery of two stacked pallets, the delivery guy was very helpful. It looks like the picture but not on the garden yet.
Rob Bowran from Wigglesworth on 25/08/2015
42 reviews
Everything exactly as expected.
Mrs P Smith from Westerham on 13/07/2015
42 reviews
Good product. Driver helpful in putting pallets on edge of our drive.
Alan Danaher from Letchworth G. C. on 21/05/2015
42 reviews
The quality of this bark is great, unlike most suppliers I have tried over the 2 decades that I have been a professional landscape gardener, these bulk bags are actually full to the brim and have no contaminates in them. My one criticism is that, despite health and safety regulation, the two bags where delivered stacked on a single pallet which meant that we had to deliberately tip the top bag of the pile to be able to use any of the delivery. If CPA was to correct this issue I would be more than happy to give a 5 star rating, however; as this is potentially dangerous I feel I can only give 3 stars. As a business I would rather pay a little more for the delivery costs than have goods arriving in a potentially unsafe fashion.
Malcolm Bruce from Wokingham on 14/05/2015
42 reviews
Good quality and price with on time, helpful delivery.
Harr from Royston on 14/01/2015
42 reviews
Great service, great price and fast delivery. Good quality bark chips. Very helpful delivery driver too!
Richard from Hitchin on 26/10/2014
42 reviews
Just like the picture! Very good.
Grant from Oxford on 24/03/2014
42 reviews
for a non premium product, the border bark chippings were much nicer than i expected
stephen from birmingham on 07/03/2014
42 reviews
We had some issues getting the pallet off the lorry onto our gravel drive, but the driver was very helpful and patient and we managed to get it where we wanted it. good product and service would use buy again

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