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Multipurpose Compost

Peat Based Compost for Potting, Seeding and Cutting

CPA Horticulture's multipurpose compost is a tried and tested compost suitable for all manner of applications in the garden. With a formula designed to aid root development and foster growth in young plants, this peat compost is perfect for seeding, cutting or potting.

Made from material taken from ethically sourced peat bogs and enriched with a specially-chosen fertiliser, this multipurpose compost is fully balanced and always reliable. As with all of our compost products, it is also fully sterilised before packing to ensure that no pests or weeds are transplanted to your garden.

Multipurpose Compost: The Benefits

  • Suitable for a range of gardening projects
  • Rich in organic matter
  • Enriched with fertiliser
  • Retains moisture and allows free drainage, preventing flooding and pooling
  • Promotes healthy root growth
  • Ideal for young plants
  • Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly
  • Economical

Product Composition

  • Blend of Irish and Somerset Peat
  • Sterilised Mushroom Compost
  • High Quality NPK fertilizer
  • pH Level: 6.5 – 7
  • Bulk Density: 430 g/litre
  • Moisture: 62% w/w fresh
  • Dry Matter: 198 g/litre
  • Particle Size: 100% < 25mm
  • Conductivity: 1300 µ siemens / cm    

Our multipurpose compost is available in 1,000 litre bulk bags, 60 litre plain bags (ideal for trade use), and in pallets of printed resale bags for commercial resale (available on request).

Loose loads are also available in larger quantities – contact CPA Horticulture directly for further information.

pH Level 6 - 6.5
Product Code: WMPC
Availability: In Stock
37 reviews (4.9/5)  37 Reviews  |  Write a review
Derek from Middlesbrough on 03/04/2019
37 reviews
Had two lots of compost both came on pallets. Great product will be getting more soon
Nick from London on 26/03/2019
37 reviews
The compost looks absolutely great!
Yvonne from Romney Marsh on 28/02/2019
37 reviews
Good quality but be warned, arrived on a pallet. Luckily we have the facilities to move it around.
Yvonne from Romney Marsh on 28/02/2019
37 reviews
Good quality but be warned, arrived on a pallet. Luckily we have the facilities to move it around.
Yvonne from Romney Marsh on 28/02/2019
37 reviews
General purpose compost looks great. Delivered as promised. Luckily we live on a farm and have the facilities to deal with a pallet load. Might be tricky if you don’t have the space! However, emptied a few bags and the quality looks good.
Kush from London on 24/02/2019
37 reviews
Good product - Will definitely use again!
Neve from Kings lynn on 22/02/2019
37 reviews
Just took delivery ,so far so good
Sandy Patrick Connor from Stoke-on-trent on 11/02/2019
37 reviews
Very good service Delivered when they say
Sandy Patrick Connor from Stoke-on-trent on 11/02/2019
37 reviews
Good service Used last year on several occasions. and will continue while you provide me with what I need. Helpfull If I have any issues online Good job guys and girls Connor Leisure Ltd
anna clarke from Etchingham on 21/02/2018
37 reviews
Excellent product, very good service and good value too
anna canetty-clarke from Etchingham on 21/02/2018
37 reviews
Excellent product, good service and good value
Sandy Connor from Staffordshire on 29/01/2018
37 reviews
Good product Not a bad price !
Shirley kent from Ledbury on 10/01/2018
37 reviews
Firstly very impressed with speedy delivery. Compost is rich and black as far as I can see not a lot of lumps is very crumbly remains to be seen as to the growing structure but compared to other companies I have dealt with the outlook is favourable.
Julie from on 21/09/2017
37 reviews
Really like this compost ... Good quality ... Thanks!
Karen Thomas from Harrogate on 28/06/2017
37 reviews
Compost looks great, hopefully our plants will grow as good as last time. Delivery driver very helpful. We're sure we'll be back for more, as this is our 2nd batch!
Dr mg wyllie from Banbury on 26/06/2017
37 reviews
Excellent quality and prompt delivery
Helen from Ambleside on 06/06/2017
37 reviews
Seems great compost - proof will be in a few months when we see how the plants grow. Sadly haulage company didn't pay heed to needing a smaller truck so we had to man handle a pallet load of bags up the drive. No mean task! from Southend on Sea on 05/06/2017
37 reviews
This is third load of multipurpose i have ordered the first load i used in a new rockery i have made the plants have thrived so much that they have completly covered the the ground and look great will be ordering more
G Cowell from Yeovil on 08/04/2017
37 reviews
Excellent quality, delivery bit poor but not CPAs fault.,
Ivan Roach from Ashby de la Zouch on 23/03/2017
37 reviews
The compost looks and feels good but obviously I will not know about the quality until the vegetables start growing. Delivery was when stated and the driver was extremely helpful.
Dave K from Todmorden on 10/03/2017
37 reviews
I am delighted. Super product in bags just the right size for carrying around the garden. It smells and feels like lovely stuff but it's the plant which will tell me how good it really is. Excellent communications. The lorry got as close as he could. The driver was very helpful. I will be back for more.
MILES SPELLER from LYNG on 12/02/2017
37 reviews
Excellent quality and great delivery service.
Dugal Nisbet-Smith from Stowmarket on 30/01/2017
37 reviews
Very satisfied. Prompt delivery, placed sensibly despite our absence at the time, and am most impressed by the quality of the compost.
Braxton Gardens from Lymington on 12/10/2016
37 reviews
Excellent compost. Clean and easy to work with. Plants grow a treat!
Chris Blow from Saham Toney on 20/05/2016
37 reviews
Good quality compost at a good price quickly delivered by a driver who took the trouble to put the pallet where I asked him to
Dong from Brighton on 12/04/2016
37 reviews
As usual, excellent compost with excellent delivery service! Glad that I finally got a long-term supplier of my garden needs!
Donf from Brighton on 12/04/2016
37 reviews
As usual, excellent compost with excellent delivery service! Glad that I finally got a long-term supplier of my garden need!!
Barry Mylam from St Austell on 29/03/2016
37 reviews
Compost is very good quality and packed in robust plastic sacks. Ordering easy and website nice and clear. Delivery was due Thursday 24 March and when I checked with the delivery company at 1200 I was told that I could expect delivery at 1400 at 1600 I called again to be told that original information's wrong and I would not get the delivery as it had not even arrived at the delivery depot. I was then informed I would not get the delivery until 29 March after the Easter holiday. Delay did not really matter however not too impressed having to sit in all day due to incorrect information.
Adam Ridout from Dorset on 21/03/2016
37 reviews
compost - so far so good. cannot fault the transaction and delivery for free! what more could you want for the price!
Billing Road Allotment from Northampton on 20/03/2016
37 reviews
Requested that invoice be sent to Susan Buckle, 54 Westcott Way, Northampton NN3 3BE as allotment sites do not receive post, but this has not happened. A 7.5 tonne lorry was requested, but an 18 tonne vehicle arrived which made things difficult. Apart from these two problems,everything was fine and the compost looks good.
David from BUDLEIGH SALTERTON on 10/03/2016
37 reviews
Delivery was a nightmare because of the slope of my drive. I didn't realise the severity of the slope when I moved in!! The delivery driver was very helpful and he dropped the full pallet at the kerbside. Then we moved each bag to the back garden. Once there however the compost seemed good quality and all was well.
Joanna Hollington from Bedford on 08/03/2016
37 reviews
Great product but problem with delivery as i requested 7.5 tonne lorry and pallet arrived on 12 tonne vehicle which was too big to turn in drive so pallet had to be left in middle of drive which has proved a problem. The courier said that they did not have a 7.5 tonne vehicle so suggest different courier used.
Gordon Liddle from Chesterfield on 24/02/2016
37 reviews
Very satisfied with the whole process from order to delivery. Good compost and no headaches with the process. Thank you.
Rodmet from Doncaster on 14/01/2016
37 reviews
Ordering smooth, delivery smooth, compost looks fine. Now need to see how well plants grow in it.
boggis from Rowfant on 27/10/2015
37 reviews
Great - good value and good compost
Laura Boggis from Rowfant on 12/09/2015
37 reviews
Super - very good value and quality !
Andrew Whittle from Ipswich on 29/08/2015
37 reviews
Generally very satisfied with the compost, however I've found occasional large lumps of blue clay which I've had to remove.

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