Composted Bark Fines Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
  • 1 x Bulk Bag Approx 1000L
    £104.17 ex. VAT
  • Mini Pack (10 x 70L) Approx 700L
    £112.50 ex. VAT
  • Convenience Pack (20 x 70L) Approx 1400L
    £137.50 ex. VAT
  • Value Pack (40 x 70L) Approx. 2800L
    £200.00 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Composted Bark Fines

Our composted bark fines are a sustainable professional growing media sourced from Spruce and Mixed Conifer and screened to 8mm. 

It is composted for a minimum of 9-10 weeks and turned at least three times.

Suitable for mulching and retail compost mixes.

FSC Regulated Yes
Bagged Yes
Loose Yes
Technical Information
Main Constituent Spruce / Mixed Conifer
Other Information Composted for a minimum of 9-10 weeks. No Urea added. Minimum three turns.
Particle Size 0- 10mm
Product Code: CBARKFINES
Availability: In Stock
11 reviews (5/5)  11 Reviews  
chrysostomos from guildford on 10/05/2021
11 reviews
We have used many different mulches in the past ,but we will only buy this one from now on. Yes it is little more expensive but it is so much better than anything else we have used. It is fantastic. Normally the birds are picking at the mulch and leaving a mess on the paths but not with this one. In fact we are going to order another bag now. Also the delivery driver was excellent and dropped it right by the back gate. Well done to all at CPA Horticulture
Richard V Danckwerts from Sherborne on 02/04/2021
11 reviews
Lovely stuff - smells fabulous and looks good on our new bed !
Peter from Billericay on 21/03/2021
11 reviews
what was delivered was a lot coarer than in the photo above, but absolutely perfect for the job. As a bonus it smells lovely too.
Noelle Hartley from Dorking on 19/03/2021
11 reviews
This is fantastic stuff - if you're a keen gardener and you like a dark rich look on your borders this is what you need. So so good. The bagged bark from DIY stores & garden centres? Leave it behind, this is what you need.
Tim Williams from Westgate-on-Sea on 03/03/2021
11 reviews
Product recommended to me for creating a good planting medium and it has done just that. Very convenient to use
Alessio Gennari from Sawston on 03/12/2020
11 reviews
Great product. I used it to cover wild flower seeds in a garden I built in Norfolk and it worked perfectly. Light and easy to spread, retains the right amount of water and work well to amend an alkaline pH.
I L Hay from Bracknell on 28/11/2020
11 reviews
2nd time I have used CPA Horticulture this year. The bark is good quality is great in bags as easy to carry to where you want it. The delivery was on time and the driver did an excellent job reversing about 100 yards down the cull-du-sac to our gate. Will definitely order again.
Jon from Peterborough on 24/09/2020
11 reviews
Struggled to find this product anywhere else, our previous supplier no longer available. This is exactly the stuff we were after, we use it for mulching to suppress weeds, improve the soil and retain moisture. Perfect thanks!
Elizabeth Nixon from LONDON on 24/08/2020
11 reviews
I can't vouch for its effects yet as I have only just received it but this seems to be lovely stuff - dark and sweet smelling but very light. The delivery man couldn't have been more helpful. I was very pleased with the mushroom compost that I had earlier in the year, so have come back for this.
Charles slimper from Stafford on 12/06/2020
11 reviews
I started using composted bark 20 years ago and this product and company are absolutely fantastic it looks great on the borders and darkens when it rains and the smell is so lovely you want to sit in the garden even in the rain can’t recommend this product enough and the company are good to delivery on time and very pleasant delivery driver Do Not even think of using the wooden bark pieces absolutely terrible this product is a bit pricey but well worth the investment if you love your garden.
G Smith from Glastonbury on 01/06/2020
11 reviews
Really, really lovely soil improver compost. Very dark and rich, yet nice and light to carry to the garden in bags. Am using it to improve some heavy clay soil, and am hugely impressed so far.
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