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= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
  • 1 x Bulk Bag Approx 1000L
    £75.00 ex. VAT
  • 30 x 40L Approx 1200L
    £133.00 ex. VAT
  • 60 x 40L Approx 2400L
    £183.00 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Organic Green Compost

A high quality soil conditioner. Perfect for enriching tired soils and giving vigour to beds and borders.

This 100% recycled material is perfect for large landscaping schemes where bulky organic matter is required in volume at the right price.

Our Compost Quality Protocol and PAS100 certified green waste compost is excellent value for money, 100% peat free, and a great way of adding organic matter into soils.

It has a uniform, very dark attractive appearance, increasing moisture retention and acting as a form of economical erosion control as well as a sterilised weed suppressant. 


  • It improves the soil structure and fertility.
  • Releases plant nutrients slowly.
  • Encourages strong plant root systems.
  • A good source of essential trace elements.
  • Free flowing and easy to use.
  • Economical.
  • Recycled and environmentally friendly.
  • Ph 8-8.5.

​Please Note: This product is not ideal or recommended for potting, seeding or as a direct growing medium. Results may vary. We would recommend Multipurpose Compost or John Innes for these applications. This product can contain trace amounts of plastic from the recycling process.

pH Level 8 - 8.5
Bagged Yes
Loose Yes
Technical Information
Particle Size 0 - 10mm
Product Code: PAS100
Availability: In Stock
38 reviews (4.5/5)  38 Reviews  
Russ Shacklock from Milton Keynes on 16/05/2021
38 reviews
Delivered on time but no phone call in advance to say when delivery would be. Should have ordered two bags but then noticed the ph value. Certainly composted down to a black mulch and it does break up the soil. Rather acidic possibly due to using so much leylandii?
John from Oxford on 03/05/2021
38 reviews
Delivery was on time . Access is difficult in our narrow country lane but the driver was very efficient and friendly. The compost seems very good . My only complaint is exhaustion , having spread 60x40 litre bags over my borders in the last 3 days! Happy to recommend the product.
Helen from Harrogate on 26/04/2021
38 reviews
Lovely crumbly easy to use compost, ideal for my heavy clay. Service and delivery excellent.
Malcolm B from Ipswich on 22/04/2021
38 reviews
A good service. Informed of delivery arriving which was very helpful. Soil conditioner seems to work well
Beattie from Bath on 22/04/2021
38 reviews
Having previously ordered the mushroom compost and been very satisfied with it, decided to order the organic green compost. Of good quality and was delivered on time by a very helpful delivery driver. Used the compost to enrich the soil around our shrubs in our borders. Would buy again and definitely recommend.
Beattie from Bath on 22/04/2021
38 reviews
Have previously ordered the mushroom compost and as that has always been of good quality, decided to order the organic green compost. Again, good quality, and was delivered exactly on time by a very helpful delivery driver. The compost has been ideal for enriching the soil around our shrubs in beds and borders. Would definitely buy more and totally recommend,
Alessio Gennari from Sawston on 15/04/2021
38 reviews
Good product. I ordered it because mushroom compost was out of stock but I am satisfied with the replacement.
Sara from Worcester on 05/04/2021
38 reviews
Very happy with the delivery and the quality of the product.
Wendy from Bideford on 05/04/2021
38 reviews
Delivery a little delayed but carrier kept me informed and I was not really inconvenienced. Delivery driver helpful and cheerful and delivered both pallets exactly where needed. Compost good quality thus far but the proof will be in the growing. I already use the mushroom compost and find it brilliant. I have high expectations.
Lizzie from Leeds on 05/04/2021
38 reviews
Excellent quality and quick delivery.
Katherine from Chelmsford on 28/03/2021
38 reviews
Great product, vast and efficient delivery
Barry from Ledbury on 17/03/2021
38 reviews
Delivery late as always. Rancid smell suggests it is fermenting. At least it wasn't totally waterlogged like the last load. Not good quality and not good value for money.
Karen from Nottingham on 10/03/2021
38 reviews
Excellent compost which we used as a mulch on herbaceous beds. Compost was still hot when it arrived and contained no bits of plastic. Prompt and efficient delivery
Hannah Copcutt from Bristol on 23/02/2021
38 reviews
As usual, an excellent product from CPA and delivered with no fuss or bother. I've been buying CPA products fro the last year or so and have always been happy with the quality of soil improvers supplied.
James from Castleford on 18/02/2021
38 reviews
I'm so impressed with this compost, it was genuinely a joy to shovel it into my planters. Very good quality, good amount of manure mixed in, smells wonderful, I'm sure I'll have some impressive veg by the end of summer. Have ordered another bag to have as spare, and free delivery was a bonus!
T.Q. from Thatcham on 06/02/2021
38 reviews
Compost delivery very quick. Organic green compost of good quality, with that nice characteristic smell of well composted material. I've already ordered 4x 1000L and it has been consistently good quality. Keep it up!
Phil Gleave from Warrington on 30/01/2021
38 reviews
I bought this for my flower beds, Ordering was easy and delivery was as promised, the product looks really good better than I have had from other suppliers. Will definitely use again.
Toni Frascina from Sheffield on 03/12/2020
38 reviews
Looks good clean stuff, no bits of plastic or the like. Used as a mulch on top of a newly planted herbaceous bed. Densely packed bag, but easy to spread
sue from HASTINGS on 06/10/2020
38 reviews
Big bag of green manure, really helpful delivery driver and the guy I spoke to at CPA went the extra mile when I needed to change the delivery date and request a smaller vehicle . Helpful throughout thankyou sue
Carolyn from Leamington on 23/09/2020
38 reviews
Ordered two bags of compost and mushroom compost, both which look good, one was still warm Delivered on time by very friendly staff Thought good value for money in comparison to buying bags
Denis Savage from Ledbury on 19/09/2020
38 reviews
excellent service, delivery and good quality and value Green compost
Ian from Southampton on 14/09/2020
38 reviews
I’ve had two deliveries of this compost. Both have been good quality and matched what I was expecting. Delivered on the day stated.
38 reviews
We are really pleased with our delivery of organic compost, We bought 2000 litres of organic compost for our garden, it has transformed our garden beautifully. Highly recommend CPA
Ian from Southampton on 06/08/2020
38 reviews
Compost delivered on time and with tracking information. Appeared to be good quality; good texture. The compost was compacted by it's own weight, so there is more than you think. I managed to get a good covering for a strip about 20m x 2m (40sqm). Looks good. According to my calculations, there isn't much of a cost saving for buying in bulk when compared with individual bags from garden centres. However, it saves a lot of plastic bags and is a good way to get the job done.
Susan Drake from Rutland on 13/07/2020
38 reviews
Compost arrived promptly and the delivery man was friendly and very helpful. Bag was crammed full of lovely rich, warm compost.
Antonia from Ipswich on 12/07/2020
38 reviews
Prompt delivery, and good quality product, overall a good service.
Joe humphries from Taunton on 04/07/2020
38 reviews
There were bits of plastic quite a few stones in it and it was still composting. I was expecting it to be fully composted. However the price is good for the product being cheap
RATNA AMBI from READING on 28/06/2020
38 reviews
We are really pleased with our delivery of organic compost, We bought 2000 litres of organic compost for our garden, it has transformed our garden beautifully. Highly recommend CPA
Anthony Harrop from Loughborough on 13/02/2020
38 reviews
Really beautiful 1000 litres of organic compost, great quality and rich dark look. Delivered on the day I requested. Just about to order a second bulk bag. Highly recommended.
Helen from reading on 25/11/2019
38 reviews
Greta stuff. Arrived on time.
Beamish from Newmarket on 01/09/2019
38 reviews
We are really pleased with our delivery of organic compost - our garden is going to be transformed. Delivery fast and the bags are easy to distribute to our grateful plants and trees.
Annette from Leominster on 28/02/2019
38 reviews
Correction to earlier review it was 45 bags of 60ll each and not 65 bags, even so it was a mammoth weight.
Annette from Leominster on 28/02/2019
38 reviews
My order of 65 bags of green compost arrived on one pallet - the driver left the delivery on the kerbside as it was physically impossible to move with a pump truck. In the process of trying to move it to a more secure location I broke my pump truck. The bags had to be hand balled off - I have not had a chance to check if all 65 are there yet but that it what I spending the rest of my morning doing. I shall be contacting CPA sales direct on this appalling health and safety issue, but as it is just me it might be a while before I am physically able to summon up the strength to pull together enough words without being too disrespectful....
Lydia from Bristol on 18/11/2018
38 reviews
Bagged and easy to move, arrived still warm, lovely.
Clare Richardson from Woodbridge on 14/10/2018
38 reviews
Excellent product, in bags so easy to move around the garden. Ordered and delivered very efficiently. Would highly recommend. I will use as a mulch to enrich my sandy soil.t
Cagri kirdag from Edmonton on 26/12/2017
38 reviews
Hello i want the grow green vegetable and tomatoes stafbis this good compost green organic one My number 07507905689
Gulnaz from Sheffield on 28/04/2016
38 reviews
Hi, this compost for growing mushroom or not ? If yes I want to buy 3000 litres. Thanks
John Kiefer from Steyning on 31/03/2016
38 reviews
Compost delivered a day late with no apparent explanation. No doubt the compost is good quality but 1 cubic metre yielded only 20 barrowloads - 4.50 per barrowload is exorbitantly expensive, however good the quality. The small discount for writing this feedback reduces the cost by only a fractional amount. As much as I would like to re-order the same amount, I couldn't justify the expense without a more generous discount. In summary, excellent quality product, very poor value for money.
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