Self Binding Gravel Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3

Self Binding Gravel

Our golden coloured Self Binding Gravel provides an attractive, easy to lay and maintain surface for paths, walkways and bridalways.

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John from Poole on 26/09/2018
8 reviews
Calculator is handy in working amount required
sue wood from elgin on 25/09/2018
8 reviews
the calculator is very helpful
andy skipp from reading on 16/07/2018
8 reviews
good calculator very helpful
Craig from Stoke on Trent on 09/11/2017
8 reviews
Good calculator. Very useful. Many thanks.
Cooper from Notts on 23/08/2017
8 reviews
To skim existing path calculator excellent idea
Bob from Somerset on 31/01/2017
8 reviews
The calculator is useful.
D Pinchbeck from Grantham on 04/12/2015
8 reviews
To cover 40m2 at 50mm thick
Jon from Malvern on 15/10/2015
8 reviews
Nice and comprehensive and useful

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