• 5 x 25L Approx 125L
    £79.17 ex. VAT
  • 1 x Builders Bag Approx 700L
    £83.33 ex. VAT
  • 10 x 25L Approx 250L
    £90.84 ex. VAT
  • 15 x 25L Approx 375L
    £103.34 ex. VAT
  • 20 x 25L Approx 500L
    £115.00 ex. VAT
  • 30 x 25L Approx 750L
    £141.67 ex. VAT
  • 40 x 25L 1000L Larger rigid vehicle required.
    £150.00 ex. VAT
  • Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load.
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Premium General Purpose Topsoil Calculator

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm)
= 1000 Litres OR 1M3
Please Note: The calculator figures above do not account for settlement. For soft materials such as barks and composts etc please add approx 10-20% settlement.

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Premium General Purpose Topsoil


A high specification, free draining, manufactured Sandy loam screened to 10mm. Perfect for general landscaping applications such as seeding, turfing, planting trees, shrubs, amenity grasses and landscape construction. 

Ideally suited to high profile landscaping applications where quality, and consistency are of the utmost importance. 

This material is manufactured from single source soils, sands and PAS100 certified compost and blended together to create a consistent, free flowing, easy to use topsoil with good reserves of organic matter and essential plant nutrients, a low stone content and excellent drainage capabilities.

Key Features
  • Suitable for a wide variety of landscape applications
  • Independently tested by leading soil scientists
  • Fully compliant to and exceeding industry standards
  • Guaranteed chemically clean
  • High sand content
  • Free draining / saturated hydraulic conductivity @ 92mm per hour
  • Low settlement values
  • Available in bulk bags and mini bags
  • 8/10mm Screened
  • Good base material for many horticultural blends
  • Peat Free
Suitable Uses
  • Turfing
  • Seeding
  • Planting
  • Landscape construction
  • Beds & Borders
  • Raised Beds
  • Strata cells

The combination of excellent horticultural properties and a guaranteed “clean” chemical analysis make Premium General Purpose Topsoil a product that is perfectly suited to both the domestic and professional markets:

  • Domestic customers will enjoy a good all round multi purpose topsoil that is easy to use in general landscaping projects such as planting and turfing.

  • Landscape professionals will benefit from this multi purposes topsoil’s consistent and assured chemical and horticultural analysis and consistent year round availability.

This product is certified to the British Standard BS3882 and tested for many additional parameters including its drainage capabilities, sand fractions and a wider variety of potential contaminants.

Because this product is manufactured from single sourced quarried materials blended with certified organic composts we can be completely confident in offering a fully traceable topsoil that exceeds current guidelines on potential contaminants set out by the British Standard, Human Health Risk Assessment and the Assessment of Land Affected by Contamination policy document.

Premium General Purpose Topsoil forms the basis of many of our blended topsoil’s and growing media range such as the Premium Vegetable Topsoil, John Innes and Premium Planting Loam. 

Landscape Application Comparison Chart
Category Score More Information
General Planting 8/10 Well stocked in all major plant nutrients and free draining.
Specific Planting 9/10 Ideal for specification driven projects where consistency of planting media is essential.
Growing Home Produce 8/10 Well stocked in all major plant nutrients and free draining. Also tested against industry standards for residential, home produce end of use.
Turfing 10/10 Sandy, easy to apply, low settlement values.
Seeding 9/10 Well suited to general seeding applications -- Especially those with a preference for alkaline soils or wide pH tolerance.
Landscape Construction & Raising Levels 10/10 High sand content, easy to use, tested drainage performance.

Compliance to current specifications and guidelines

  • BS3882:2015 Multi Purpose Grade
  • NHBC
  • Residential with Home grown Produce
  • Residential without home grown produce
  • Public Open space – Residential (POSresi)
  • Allotment
  • Commercial

Additional Soil Assessment Criteria

As well as the standard testing required for BS3882:2015/subsoils BS8601:2013 we also test to determine the levels of potential contaminants in relation to the topsoil end use. We have tested our soil against the residential end use listed Sustainable for Use Levels (S4UL’s) in the Land Quality Management / Chartered Institute for Environmental Health Human Health Risk Assessment 2015.  We also take guidance of contaminants Suggested Guideline Values from:

  • DEFRA sp1010 Cat 4 2014
  • Dutch Action Value (DAV)
  • BRE Special Digest 1:205 (BRE)
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

Of the potential contaminates identified using the above guidance none of the results exceeded the guideline values. If there is site specific criteria we recommend independent testing and are happy to separately stockpile individual orders for separate testing to ensure consistency with site specific criteria.

Please Note: This product was formerly known as 'Premium 8mm Super Fine BS3882 Topsoil'

Product Code: GP10
Availability: Out Of Stock
28 reviews (4.9/5)  28 Reviews  
JOHN LAPISH from Calver UK on 08/04/2024
28 reviews
Excellent as always. Great product delivered on time
Geoff from Cheltenham on 18/03/2024
28 reviews
The soil was very dirty. :-) Good quality Delivered on time
APJ from NW on 22/02/2024
28 reviews
Good for lawn levelling and boarders
APJ from NW on 22/02/2024
28 reviews
Nice sandy loam for lawn levelling
Conner Josey from Cirencester on 19/02/2024
28 reviews
Ordered a bulk bag of topsoil as I have done before along with other products from CPA and as usual it is a pretty good quality product at a fair price, delivered FOC on time with no hassle and dropped just where it was needed. All in all great service and product. Thanks will continue to use CPA for my needs in the future.
David Ellingham from London N11 on 20/10/2023
28 reviews
Superb quality soil very happy my only issue is being left with wooded pallet in my yard to be disposed of, the driver explained they do not operate a recycling service only deliver pallets not take them back. I do not have a vehicle to dispose of the pallet so have to look at other options if disposal
AJ1 from on 08/10/2023
28 reviews
Decent sandy mix for leveling lawn
Paul from Saddleworth on 30/04/2023
28 reviews
Great product. Excellent delivery. Can’t fault anything
Paul from Saddleworth on 30/04/2023
28 reviews
Fantastic product. Great delivery. Can’t fault anything
David Potter from Broadstairs on 28/03/2023
28 reviews
Excellent product and very good service and communication.
Steve from Croydon on 16/03/2023
28 reviews
Good product. Consistent across bags/batches.
Catherine from Norfolk on 09/03/2023
28 reviews
I ordered topsoil and well rotted manure and both products were of a high quality. The topsoil had a nice structure and was easy to move and spread and the manure had a neutral smell and looked to be full of nutrients and organic matter. The delivery arrived when expected the the delivery man was very helpful.
R Taylor from Salisbury on 27/02/2023
28 reviews
Ordered CPA’s 10mm screened topsoil to level a lawn and top up veg borders. Really high quality soil, wait to see how fertile. Would definitely recommend, very quick delivery!
G. Town from Romsey, Hants on 10/11/2022
28 reviews
Once again, fine top soil of excellent quality from CPA.
Alastair Thomas from Reading on 22/08/2022
28 reviews
Really good will buy again
Alastair Thomas from Reading on 22/08/2022
28 reviews
Really happy, will buy again
Ali T from Reading on 21/08/2022
28 reviews
Very good, buying more because I didn't buy enough
Ali T from Reading on 21/08/2022
28 reviews
Really happy but not enough so ordering more
MikeD from Salisbury on 19/07/2022
28 reviews
I never order enough. Good quality topsoil. Just about to order another 700L
MikeD from Salisbury on 19/07/2022
28 reviews
I never order enough! Good quality topsoil. Just about to order another 700L!
Mike D from Salisbury on 05/07/2022
28 reviews
I've now had 5 tons delivered. Excellent product but some delays in delivery, which were outside CPAs control,
Neill Darling from Bude on 18/06/2022
28 reviews
Excellent product as always, but really don't understand why you use carriers that are ill equipped to move such bulky items. This last one didn't even have the benefit of a powered pallet truck and was handballing their loads. Rating for the product and good nature of the delivery driver...not the means and method.
Mike Dent from Salisbury on 17/06/2022
28 reviews
I've had 2 deliveries each of 2 x 700 litre bags. Both have been of a very high quality and I'm about to order another!
Sarah Watts from Essex on 19/05/2022
28 reviews
Excellent quality, delivered on time, easy to order
Tel from Reading on 03/04/2022
28 reviews
This is the second delivery of this topsoil I've received. No change in quality and delivered within the given time period. This second delivery will be used for further levelling the lawn. Good stuff
Lyn Fisk from Devon on 02/03/2022
28 reviews
Excellent topsoil. Perfect for raised vegetable beds. Great company to deal with as well, very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Ed B from morpeth on 22/01/2022
28 reviews
great product, exactly as described on the website
Jon Butlin from Hereford on 27/04/2021
28 reviews
Excellent product, delivered in the agreed timetable. Excellent!
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